10 Best 4k Curved Monitors [Reviewed 2022]

A lot of 4k monitors are available in the market. Among these, some monitors are with a straight screen while some also have a curved screen. A 4k monitor, either with a straight or curved screen, is always the best in the quality of the display. Other factors which are needed to consider when choosing the best 4k curved monitors are:

  • Monitor size
  • Panel Type
  • Screen refresh rate
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Response time
  • Adaptive Sync
  • Ergonomic stand

Curved Monitor

A curved monitor is that which has a screen curved from both edges towards the inside and forms an arc-like shape monitor. The Angel of the curving of the monitor screen is measured in Radius and is narrated as 0000R where 0000 represents the value of the curve and R is representing to Radius. The curving of the monitor can be as 1500R, 1800R, or 1900R. As much as the higher the angle of curvature, the curving of the screen from edges towards the inside will be greater.

The curved monitor boosts the projection of visuals by keeping the user’s eye focused on the center of the screen from where every part of the screen until both ends become clear without affecting the color accuracy. A better effect of curving is generated on these monitors which are 27-inch in size or higher. So if you need a curved monitor then must choose a monitor size 27-inch or bigger than this. The following are the other advantages of curved monitors.

  • Better and complete display coverage
  • Distinction from the other commonly used monitors
  • More convenient for the heavy workload
  • Comfortable for the user’s eye
  • A source of prevention of eye fatigue and headaches
  • Higher screen resolution supported
  • A better and more immersive experience of high-class display

Following is the list of best 4k curved monitors which are reviewed, rated, and compared with the others of the same kind.

Top Best 4k Curved Monitors Reviewed, Rated & Compared


1- Samsung UR590C

Best 4k Curved Monitors


Samsung UR590C is an attractive display monitor which is a combination of high-quality display and a comfortable curved screen due to which attention of the user remains on all the parts of the screen which keeps the user involved in-game or other work perfectly.

The design of this monitor is very stylish which has curved corners and contours. The rare casing is fabric-textured while the three sides of its screen are bezel-less. The curving angle of this screen is 1500R for immersive viewing due to which the view of this monitor is realistic and lifelike. The display quality of this monitor is also very high and is 4k display by having a screen resolution of 3840x2160P.

Due to this screen resolution, scrolling has become less while working with documents or visiting any webpage. With the unique UHD Upscaling technology of this monitor, which includes signal analysis and detail enhancement, lower-quality content is up-converted into UHD-level display.

The contrast ratio of this 32-inch monitor is higher than the others. With Game Mode, the contrast of images is instantly optimized during the gameplay. More than one display source can connect and display on the screen of this monitor by using the PBP feature, even their native screen resolution also remains the same.

  • COMPLETE IMMERSION IN TRUE DETAIL: Combining the realism of 4K UHD images with Samsung’s industry-leading 1500R curved screen, the Samsung UR59C delivers an immersive viewing experience like no other
  • 4K UHD DISPLAY: With 4x more pixels than Full HD, UR59C fits more content on screen and resolves images in finer detail; 4K UHD lets you view documents & webpages w/ less scrolling, work w/ multiple windows and see more detail in photos, videos & games
  • IMMERSIVE VIEWING: Samsung’s 1500R screen is deeply curved to involve you more fully in the action, so that you’ll enjoy a realistic, lifelike viewing experience
  • UHD UPSCALING: Samsung’s UHD upscaling technology includes signal analysis and detail enhancement that seamlessly upconverts SD, HD and Full HD content to near 4K UHD-level picture quality
  • A BILLION COLORS: Supporting a billion hues and a 2500:1 contrast ratio, the UR59C produces a wide range of colors and deep, dark blacks; Whether gaming, watching videos, or working w/ graphics applications, you'll enjoy accurate & true-to-life colors
  • GAME MODE: Game Mode instantly optimizes image contrast in game scenes for a competitive edge during gameplay; By selectively adjusting contrast in different areas of the screen, it reveals details in darker areas of scenes so you spot enemies sooner
  • PICTURE- BY-PICTURE (PBP): Connect 2 different devices to the monitor and view input from both side-by-side simultaneously at their native resolution; Set up PBP faster w/ the Easy Setting Box to display multiple windows in different sizes and layouts
  • CURVED FOR COMFORT: Curved display helps your eyes maintain a constant focus distance from the screen, resulting in less eye fatigue and more comfortable viewing over extended periods
  • SLEEK & STYLISH: With curved contours & corners, a fabric-textured rear casing and a 3-sided bezel-less screen, the UR59C measures just 0.27” at its slimmest; Supported on a slender yet sturdy V-slim metal stand that also encases cables
  • Sleek and attractive design with V shape base

  • Large size monitor with 1500R curving

  • UHD display with the upscaling option

  • Higher contrast ratio of 2500:1

  • Dual display option with PBP feature

  • Any adaptive sync is not supported


2- AOC CU32V3

Best 4k Curved Monitors


AOC CU32V3 monitor is designed so beautifully by the manufacturer. This monitor is featured with a 32-inch screen that supports vibrant colors and Ultra-HD display quality. The screen resolution of this monitor is also according to true 4k display quality.

Along with these and different other features of the display, the screen of this monitor is also arc-shaped due to the curve. The curving angle of this VA (Vertical Aligned) panel type is 1500R which makes AOC CU32V3 monitor more immersive. The curved screen design of this monitor is very sleek and its screen is also frame-less. Due to these features look of this monitor is fully professional.

Viewing angles of this VA panel is wide due to which display of this monitor is broader, clear, and also detailed. The picture quality of this screen is crystal clear due to the high density of pixels which definitely increases the pixel count of this screen. Due to these features of this monitor, this is perfect for the use of these users who needs CAD-CAM solutions, 3D graphics, and financial working on large spreadsheets. The three-sided frame-less design of this monitor is perfect for these environments where multi-monitor setups are required.

For performing multiple tasks at the same time, this monitor is also perfect because the screen of this monitor can split into different segments and in each segment, you can display a different task. Due to this feature, efficiency and productivity are also get increased.

  • AOC 32" (31. 5" viewable) widescreen monitor with 4K UHD 3840x2160 resolution
  • Super-Curve 1500R VA panel that displays more accurate colors with wide-viewing angles that comform better to the natural curvature of your eyes
  • Super-Color Wide color gamut with 121% sRGB, 90% Adobe RGB and 89. 8% DCI-P3 area coverage for truer colors, ideal for graphics intensive work and viewing sessions
  • LowBlue mode that reduces the amount of harmful blue spectrum of light to help prevent damages. Powersource 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
  • FlickerFree panel that displays video signal without flickering backlighting for comfortable viewing without fatigue
  • 2x HDMI 2. 0 and 1x DisplayPort 1. 2 port with Earphone Out port (HDMI cable included)
  • VESA compatible for flexible mounting options (100x100mm) and Kensington slot for security options
  • Widescreen monitor with Ultra-HD display

  • VA panel type with a super curve of 1500R

  • Accurate colors with wide viewing angels

  • Larger coverage of different color spaces

  • VESA compatible wall mounting

  • Not good against ghosting due to slow pixel rate


3- Philips 328E1CA

Best 4k Curved Monitors


328E1CA is a 32-inch display monitor manufactured by Philips having a display quality of 4k which makes it an all-purpose monitor that can be used for routine and casual working as well as for gaming also. Along with the high-quality display, the screen of this monitor is curved also which is suitable for a comfortable display by keeping an eye on every inch of the display screen.

The curving angle or curvature of this screen is 1500R. The panel type of this monitor is VA which is loaded with Ultra Wide-Color technology of Philips to increase the coloring of this screen. For a tear-free screen, this monitor also supports Adaptive-Sync technology which provides a faster response time for quick and smooth display of any application or game.

Due to the Mega Infinity Dynamic Contrast Ration of this monitor, the contrast of the image can adjust dynamically during gameplay or routine working to increase the quality of the display. Due to this dynamic contrast ratio, this monitor provides brighter colors and perfect deep black color.

With the new color technology of this monitor, it covers 120% of sRGB and 97.8% NTSC color gamut. Billions of colors are produced by the screen of these monitors which clearly display details of every scene. Flicker-free technology and the low-blue mode of this display unit are responsible for the eye-protection of its user. DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0 are the part of this monitor for the attachment of the display source.

  • Philips E-Line 32" (31.5" Viewable) 328E1Ca Curved 4K Uhd Monitor With 1500R Curvature And 3840X2160 Pixels
  • Curved Va Panel With Philips Ultra Wide-Color Technology Displaying Up To 120% Srgb And 97.8% Ntsc Color Gamut And 1.074 Billion+ Colors For Smooth Color Gradations And Detail
  • Mega Infinity Dynamic Contrast Ratio For Deeper Blacks And Brighter Colors
  • Effortlessly Smooth Gameplay With Adaptive-Sync Technology
  • Peace of mind: Philips monitors come with 4-Year Advance Replacement Warranty in the United States, minimizing downtime
  • Large size display monitor with 4k display

  • Curved VA panel with 1500R curvature

  • Billions of colors with color technology

  • Adaptive Sync supported for better display

  • Full multimedia with built-in speakers

  • Backlight is slightly compromising


4- Dell U3818DW

Best 4k Curved Monitors


Dell U3818DW is a 38-inch monitor that is not only bigger in size but is also rich in different important features and qualities of the display. The screen of this big monitor is wide and curved for a perfect viewing experience. Un-doughtily, Dell U3818DW is a perfect monitor that provides a vivid display with true colors and sharp edges for the completion of your work and projects along with the entertainment of your desire.

The screen of this monitor is not only curved but is also virtually borderless with InfinityEdge. Because of the curving of this screen, the focus of the eye-sight is almost uniform on all the areas of the screen due to which movement of eyes is get reduced that results in the comfort of eyes. Due to this feature, the fatigue of the eyes is reduced and headache is also prevented.

21:9 is the aspect ratio of this monitor which is higher than normal and provides 25% more space for screen contents. Wireless devices can also connect with this monitor because RF and Bluetooth 4.0 are supported by Dell U3818DW monitor. Up to six wireless devices can connect at a time with this monitor.

This monitor can also connect with two different computers by using a single keyboard, mouse, and video because it also supports the KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) feature.  USB-C connectivity is also available on this monitor which can transmit power, audio, and video between multiple devices by using a single cable.

  • Get an immersive experience and enjoy incredible visuals on this 38 inches WQHD+ curved screen with infinity edge
  • Complete your work projects and enjoy home entertainment with vivid visuals, accurate color and sharp details.
  • Connect up to six compatible RF devices or Bluetooth 4.0
  • You can display and edit content from two different PCs with a single KVM feature (keyboard, video and mouse). Power consumption (operational) - 56W (typical) / 250W (maximum). Power consumption stand by / sleep - Less than 0.3W
  • A single cable solution with a USB type C connectivity transmits power, audio and video signals between a laptop and monitor. Change the video resolution to the correct aspect ratio
  • 38-inch screen bigger than routine

  • Connectivity with RF and WiFi devices

  • Single KVM feature for dual sources

  • USB-C port available for connectivity

  • Integrated speakers of 9W

  • Black color perfection is not good


5- Sceptre C355W-3440UN

Best 4k Curved Monitors


C355W-3440UN by Sceptre is the perfect high-performance gaming and general-purpose monitor at affordable prices. This 35-inch monitor is loaded with all these features included in the required list of gaming monitors. For the uniform view on every inch of this screen, curving is provided which keeps the attention fully towards the visuals displayed on the screen of this monitor.

The curving angle of this screen is 1800R which makes it resemble the curves of human eyes which definitely makes the display real. Due to a higher aspect ratio of 21:9, more space is become available on this screen to display the contents.

This monitor is faster in performance because its screen refresh rate is 100Hz which is also higher than normal and is required for the accurate movements of gaming objects without any lagging. The response time of this monitor is also faster which prevents the ghosting effect of the screen.

Similarly, for the prevention of screen tearing, AMD FreeSync technology is supported by this monitor which makes its display more clear and vibrant. For the prevention of eye irritation and strains, Blue Light shift mode and Flicker-Free technology are also part of this monitor which prevents the user eye from fatigue.

  • Ultra wide ultra slim curved monitor 21: 9 immerses the attention of a larger audience with a 35 inch screen that accurately resembles the contours of the human eye.
  • 100Hz refresh rate with 100Hz refresh rate, images transition rapidly and smoothly while still outpacing the standard and reducing screen tearing.
  • Fast response time playing Fast action games and watching action adventure movies always require fast and accurate Pixel response from an LED. With quick Response times, ghosting and blurring are reduced so the user can enjoy the display with clarity and precision.
  • Amd Free Sync with free Sync, gamers now enjoy smooth video and seamless on the spot movement through their fast paced games. Free Sync is an AMD technology that nearly eliminates tearing and stuttering due to differences between a Graphics card's frame rate and a monitor's refresh rate.
  • Fps-rts FPS and RTS are Sceptre custom set Display settings Built for an enhanced gaming experience. Fps (first person Shooter), RTS (real-time strategy).
  • Edgeless design edgeless design completely immerses you in all the captivating action and wondrous Scenery that 3440 x 1440 resolution and 100Hz refresh rate have to offer.
  • Multiple Ports HDMI 1and the DisplayPort each accelerate refresh rate up to 100Hz, providing the visual edge you need to defeat the competition during all of your gaming exploits. Enjoy two additional HDMI ports that perform up to 60Hz. Connect your favorite audio devices with audio out.
  • Blue light shift reduce your MONITORS Blue light to protect you from eye fatigue, irritation and strains. This enables you to work on you documents, watch movies, or play games more comfortably for extended periods.
  • Luminous back cover lights a colorful LED light illuminates the back cover of the curved monitor, delivering a uniquely modern design
  • UltraWide, slim and curved display monitor

  • A higher aspect ratio of 21:9 for large screen

  • Screen refresh rate higher than normal

  • Quick response time against ghosting

  • Customized FPS and RTS gaming modes

  • USB ports are not available for connectivity


6- AOC CU34G2X

Best 4k Curved Monitors


AOC CU34G2X is a 34-inch monitor and it belongs to the G2 series of gaming monitors. With a beautiful body shape and design, the stand of this monitor is also very stylish and ergonomic. The panel type of this monitor is VA which is very high quality having wider viewing angles and accurate colors. An added advantage of this IPS monitor is the curving of its screen with a curvature of 1500R.

The screen of this monitor is frameless from 3 sides which is suitable for a multi-monitor display setup. This high-quality panel is also very responsive to the protection against screen ghosting. The response time of this monitor is 1ms (MPRT). The screen refresh rate of this monitor is 144Hz which is according to the requirement of a high-performance gaming monitor.

The quality of the colors of this monitor is also very high because it covers 115% sRGB and 98% Adobe RGB color gamut. It is due to its panel type which is best for wide viewing angles and vibrant accurate colors. For the clarity of display and sharp edges, AMD FreeSync Premium is supported by this monitor for the synchronization of the monitor’s frame rate with the Graphics Card of the computer.

Due to the miss-matching of this frame rate, the tearing of the screen has occurred. The stand of this monitor is beautifully crafted and ergonomically designed which provides all types of movements and adjustments of this monitor.

  • 34" Class (34" Viewable) AOC Gaming G2 Series monitor with 3440x1440 Ultra wide Quad HD (2K+) resolution VA panel. Pixel Pitch: 0.23175
  • Rapid 1ms response (MPRT) and 144Hz refresh rate with Adaptive-Sync for ultra-smooth competitive game play Curve radius: 1500mm
  • 3-Sided frameless design with 1500R curvature for immersive gaming and entertainment
  • VA panel for wide viewing angles and brilliant colors displaying over 115% sRGB and 98% Adobe RGB color gamut area coverage
  • AOC Re-Spawned 3-year zero-bright-dot 3-year advance replacement 1-year (one-time) accidental damage
  • Highly responsive display monitor with 1ms

  • The faster screen refresh rate for a perfect gaming

  • Curved screen monitor with 1500R curvature

  • Monitor with flicker-free and low blue mode

  • Wide viewing angles with vibrant colors

  • Built-in speakers are not present


7- ViewSonic ELITE XG350R-C

Best 4k Curved Monitors


ViewSonic ELITE is definitely an ELITE class monitor of 35-inch size. The screen of this monitor is also curved having a 1800R curving angle which gives an attractive arc-like look to this monitor and also increases the performance of the monitor due to which productivity of user also gets increased. Curving is more effective in this monitor because the effect of curved screens comes on these monitors which are 27-inch in size or larger.

Another advantage of this monitor is its higher aspect ratio which is 21:9 and is able to provide more screen area for the display of contents. The response time of this monitor is just 3ms which makes it ultra-fast with the combination of a faster screen refresh rate of 100Hz especially when this monitor is being used for a high-paced computer games.

For the prevention of screen tearing due to an un-matched frame rate, AMD FreeSync is supported by this monitor that synchronizes the frame rate of the monitor with GPU and stops the jerks and tearing of the screen. With this adaptive sync, the sharpness of images is also got increased.

For better brightness and accuracy of colors, along with AMD FreeSync, this monitor also supports HDR10 which makes the display of this monitor more clear, vivid, and rich in colors. ELITE RGB lighting of this monitor made a special impact on the gaming setup which is another beautiful and attractive colorful feature of this monitor, especially for gamers.

  • ELITE MONITOR: UWQHD 1440p resolution, ultra-fast 3ms response time, and amazing 100Hz refresh rate give you the edge in all your gaming quests
  • CURVED DESIGN: Immersive 1800R curved viewing experience with panoramic images, vivid color, and incredible detail in 2K resolution
  • COMPETE IN COLOR: ELITE RGB lighting technology radiates your gaming environment and seamlessly integrates into your existing RGB peripheral setup
  • SMOOTH GAMING: AMD FreeSync technology enables smooth frame rates to aid you in battle. Static Contrast Ratio - 2,500:1. Dynamic Contrast Ratio - 120,000,000:1
  • IN IT TO WIN IT: Adjustable ergonomic stand delivers the comfort you need for marathon gaming sessions
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: The XG350R-C supports laptops, PCs, Macs, PlayStation, and Xbox with HDMI 1.4, USB, and Display Port inputs
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX: LCD Monitor, Power Cable, HDMI Cable, DisplayPort Cable, and USB 3.0 Cable
  • 100 hertz
  • Panoramic images with vibrant colors

  • Perfectly Elite monitor with 1800R Curve

  • Very responsive having 3ms response time

  • Faster performance with 100Hz refresh rate

  • Highest static contrast ratio of 2500:1

  • Contrast ratio is not changed in HDR mode


8- BenQ  EX3501R

Best 4k Curved Monitors


EX3501R is an impressive curved monitor of BenQ. Due to the available features, this monitor can take you beyond casual entertainment. It is a big monitor having a 35-inch screen which is enough for clearing every detail of its display. The curving angle of this big monitor is 1800R which forms the arc shape screen of this monitor. The aspect ratio of this monitor is 21:9 which is also higher and makes more screen area available for display.

The display quality of this monitor is QHD (Quad-HD) which is between FHD and UHD. Typically, the display of this monitor is WQHD due to its big and widescreen. The screen resolution of this monitor is 3440×1440 which is also very close to a 4k display. That’s why this monitor can be ideal for playing a computer game.

The brightness of this screen is 300 nits which are auto adjustable with the help of the B.I.+ (Brightness Intelligence Plus) sensor available on this monitor. This sensor adjusts the brightness and color temperature of this monitor by sensing the screen contents and ambient light.

Due to this feature, there is no more possibility of headaches, eye strain, and fatigue due to the brightness of the monitor. USB-C port is available for high-speed connectivity along with USB 3.1 ports for faster data transfer. For the connectivity of other video sources, DisplayPort and HDMI are also provided.

  • Level Up the Game: 35 Inch QHD 100 Hz ultrawide curved gaming computer monitor features Freesync2 and color optimizer settings.
  • Brightness Intelligence (B.I.): Optimizes display performance for work and play to protect your vision while providing a stunning image at the same time.
  • USB-C Connectivity: Synchronize images, videos, data and charge all of your mobile devices with an all-in-one cable!
  • Seamless Connectivity: Easily access your content via the HDMI and DP port.
  • The large screen display in affordable price

  • Brightness Intelligence Plus sensor

  • Higher aspect ratio and ultra-slim bezel

  • Higher screen re-fresh rate of 100Hz

  • AMD FreeSync and HDR supported

  • Stand without swivel adjustment



All these monitors, reviewed and discussed above, are special in their own features. These features can be its technical features or can be its price but all of these are best in their own nature. Whether you are a game lover or a professional user, you can use any of these curved monitors for your work or entertainment. Which of these is best for you, it is up to your requirements and price range but it is sure that one of these must be suitable for you and you can go easily for that. Keep commenting and stay connected.

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