7 Best Monitors For Eye Strain in 2022

As with the mobile phone, a computer is a device that is used very frequently used by different users that can be an office employee, writer, reader, professional, or student. Most computer users are required to work on the computer for a longer or even very longer time. When a user uses a computer, the focus of the user’s eyes has remained on the screen of a computer monitor, and if eyes have remained focused on the monitor then it can be the reason for eye strain. Following is the list of monitors which are best in performance and also best monitors for eye strain by having equipped with eye care technologies for the prevention of eye strain.

What is eye strain?

Eye strain is a condition that occurs when the eyes get tired due to the intense use of a computer screen. Although these eyestrains are not usually serious but can be annoying and can be the reason for the disturbance. This eye strain can be disturbing and can include burning, itching of eyes, blurred or double vision, or headache.

Reasons for eye strain

The reason for eye strain includes a higher brightness level of the monitor screen than ambient light due to which eye strain occurs. The brightness of the screen emits blue light which is another reason for causing eye strains. Along with this blue light, another reason for user eye strain is the flickering of the monitor screen which can be occurring due to any reason. But that flickering of the monitor’s screen causes eye strains.

Due to these reasons, eye care technologies are used in display monitors for the prevention of eye strain by using different filters and other technologies to reduce the blue light and prevention of flickering of the screen.

Top 7 Best Monitors For Eye Strain


1. Asus PB278Q

best computer monitors for eye strain


Asus PB278Q is a different monitor which is designed in a way that it can be used for office work as well as for playing games. The 27-inch size of this monitor is also moderate which can be easily managed in a compact space in an office or a room.

The screen of this PB278Q is wide and its display quality is QHD which is combined called a WQHD screen display. The maximum screen resolution of this screen is 2560x1440P which is also very high and sufficient for impressive graphics. The panel type of this monitor is IPS which is perfect in wider and accurate viewing angles along with color accuracy. Due to this panel type, the viewing angle of this monitor is 178ox178o (HxV).

PPI (Pixel Per Inch) of this high-resolution monitor is 109 which is another advantage while playing a high-resolution game on this monitor. The colors of this IPS panel are true and lifelike because this monitor covers 100% of the sRGB color gamut. For more space on the screen aspect ratio of this monitor is 16:9. Asus Eyecare and flicker-free technology prevent the eyes of users from strain.

The ergonomically designed stand of this monitor gives all types of adjustments while its wall mounting is also VESA compatible. Two speakers are also built-in each of which is 3W. These two stereo speakers are sufficient for producing high-quality audio.

  • Impeccable lifelike visuals with 27” 16:9 2560 x 1440 with 100% sRGB and 178° wide-viewing angle
  • ASUS Eye care technology with Flicker free for less Eye fatigue; Ergonomically-designed stand with Tilt,Swivel,Pivot,Height adjustment plus wall-mount capability for comfortable viewing position
  • Extensive connectivity with native WQHD content support with HDMI, DisplayPort, and Dual-link DVI
  • ASUS-exclusive QuickFit Virtual Scale and Splendid Video Intelligence Technology for true ‘what you see is what you get’
  • Audio features stereo speakers : 3W x 2 Stereo RMS
  • Large IPS screen monitor of 27-inch

  • Wide viewing angels LED with backlit

  • The highly responsive display unit

  • A faster screen refresh rate of 75Hz

  • Ergonomic stand with all adjustments

  • Relatively thick bezel monitor


2. ViewSonic VX2457-MHD


best computer monitors for eye strain


ViewSonic VX2457-MHD is relatively small in size but is very efficient in working. The display quality of this monitor is not less than any other big-sized computer that’s why it’s the small size of 24-inch is also acceptable. This monitor can be easily placed on any size table placed in the room of the home or any office.

The display quality of this monitor is Full HD and has the highest screen resolution of 1920x1080P. The panel type of this monitor is TN which is one of the best responsive panel types. Due to its lower response time, ghosting of screen is prevented which mostly occurs in these games which have very fast-moving objects. This monitor is considered best for entertainment either playing any game or watching any movie.

Due to its TN panel, it is very responsive and has only a 2ms response time which is responsible for smooth images. For the prevention of screen tearing, which mostly occurs to the difference in the refresh rate of monitor and graphics card, AMD Free Sync technology is also supported by this monitor due to which its dynamic refresh rate eliminates screen tearing.

Low input lag is another big feature to use multiple inputs from multiple sources. Along with all these, black stabilization and game mode are also part of this monitor. With the Game mode hotkey, different pre-configured settings are displayed to get your gaming experience higher in the level.

  • BE THE DIFFERENCE: With modern design, Full HD 1080p resolution, and TN panel, this monitor look as good as it performs
  • NO IMAGE TEARING: AMD FreeSync technology enables smooth frame rates to aid you in battle
  • COMFORTABLE GAMING: Flicker-Free technology and Blue Light Filter for all-day comfort
  • GAME ON: An arsenal of pre-set customizable visual modes keeps you ready for any FPS, RTS, or MOBA games
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: The VX2457-MHD supports laptops, PCs, and Macs with HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA inputs
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX: LCD Monitor, Power Cable, HDMI Cable, VGA Cable, and Audio Cable. Mounting type: Wall Mount
  • Monitor with highly responsive TN Panel

  • Full HD display with only 2ms response time

  • 75Hz screen refresh and 16:9 aspect ratio

  • AMD FreeSync Technology is supported

  • User eye protection with blue light filters

  • Stand is not ergonomic


3. BenQ GW2765HT

best computer monitors for eye strain


BenQ is a famous company in the field of display monitor manufacturing. Monitors of BenQ are better in screen resolution, quick response, and other features as compared to competitive companies. The same is the case with the GW2765HT monitor of BenQ which is 27-inch in size and is consists of a widescreen.

The design of this monitor is smart and attractive having a thin bezel due to which maximum screen area has become available for the display of images. The display quality of this monitor is Quad-HD having a maximum screen resolution of 2560x1440P. The screen type of this monitor is IPS which is the best for wider viewing angles and accurate colors.

This monitor is also best for the protection of the user’s eyes because it is equipped with BenQ’s best technology named revolution eyes. This technology makes the screen of this monitor flicker-free and also reduces the harmful blue light. These things protect the user’s eyes from strains when used for a longer duration.

For the best color experience, unique technology is also available in this monitor which is called Senseye Human Vision Technology. Different viewing modes are available in this monitor all of which are pre-set. These modes include standard, movie, game, photo, sRGB, and reading. Along with these modes, a special mode is also available which is named Eco and is specially designed for power saving.

  • Enjoy brilliant color with a 2560x1440 WQHD IPS Monitor
  • ZeroFlicker & Low Blue Light for extended viewing comfort
  • HDMI Multimedia Interface; DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) (typ.): 2,000,000:1
  • Ultra Flexible Height Adjustment System (HAS)
  • Built in Speakers
  • Speaker‎: 1Wx2‎
  • Panel Type‎: IPS
  • Perfect quality monitor with QHD display

  • IPS monitor with accurate viewing angels

  • Standard aspect ratio and screen refresh rate

  • Flicker-free and low blue light display for eye care

  • Multiple connectors for display sources

  • Response time is higher


4. BenQ GW2480

best computer monitors for eye strain


BenQ GW2480 is another best monitor that has many valuable features. This monitor is very attractive for all users because it is suitable for all types of work. The most important and attractive thing about this monitor is its price which is amazingly low and is affordable for all users. Many features at such a low price are not less than any blessing.

The size of this monitor is 24-inch while its design is very attractive with an ultra-thin bezel. It is virtually borderless because 23.8-inches from 24 are available for display. The display of this monitor is Full-HD having a maximum screen resolution of 1920x1080P.

The screen of GW2489 is wide and the type of this panel is IPS due to which display is greater in quality and viewing angles are also wider. The color of this monitor is also accurate and is like real-life colors. For the automatic adjustment of the brightness of the screen, Intelligent Brightness Adaptive technology is part of this monitor.

The brightness sensor detects the ambient light and automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen of this monitor. This is for the protection of the user’s eyes from   Along with low blue light and zero flicker screen, this is for the protection of the user’s eyes from strains and irritation. Cable management is also part of this monitor along with VESA compatible wall mounting.

  • Work Productively and Comfortably: 24 Inch IPS 1080P FHD Computer Monitor featuring an edge-to-edge display that allows you to focus on the important work. Work, play, and learn all in one place!
  • Proprietary Eye-Care Tech: Our exclusive Eye-Care technology reduces eye fatigue for optimal comfort, productivity and allows you to work for an extended period of time.
  • Adaptive Brightness for Image Quality: Our Brightness Intelligence (B.I.) technology optimizes display performance for work and play to protect your vision while providing a stunning image at the same time.
  • Ultra-Slim Bezel: Ultra-slim bezel allows for an extended view while the space saving base and elegant design is perfect for any home office.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Easily access content via HDMI, DP and VGA ports.
  • Built-In Speakers: Free up desk space with a built-in sound system that delivers premium audio.
  • Invisible Cable Management: Easily hide all wires inside the monitor stand for a clean and sleek look.
  • High-quality Full HD thin bezel monitor

  • IPS screen with wider viewing angels

  • Ultra-slim body from edge-to-edge

  • Ambient light sensor for eye care

  • Full multimedia monitor with speakers

  • No significant change after controls adjustment


5. Asus MZ27AQ Designo

best computer for eye strain


Asus is another very famous manufacturer of display monitors. The design line of Asus is very different from other manufacturers. MZ27Aq Designo is also a uniquely designed monitor of Asus which has different features for the attraction of users.

First of all this monitor is ultra-slim which can be placed at narrow places also. The frameless design of this monitor makes it the ultimate choice for multi-monitor setups. Especially, its base is very unique and other than routine. The base of this monitor is sundial-inspired and is circular and is metallic.

The size of this monitor is 27-inch while the display quality is WQHD because its screen is wide and has 2560x1440P maximum screen resolution. The type of this panel is InPlane-Switching (IPS) which makes the display of this monitor précised and detailed. Color brightness, contrast, and sharpness of images get increased on this monitor because of SplendidPlus Video Intelligence technology.

Due to this technology various modes are available in this monitor which includes sRGB, gaming, theatre, and night mode.  Two speakers are available on this monitor each of which is 6W. An external woofer of 5W is also part of this monitor to produce high-quality audio.

  • 27” WQHD (2560 x 1440) IPS monitor with a wide 178° viewing angle
  • Stereo 6W speakers with 5W subwoofer for 2. 1 Channel Audio co-developed by Harmon Kardon and ASUS Sonic Master for a fully immersive audio experience
  • Ultra-slim frameless design and sundial-inspired base with a metallic, icicle gold finish
  • ASUS Eye Care technology with TUV Rhineland-certified flicker-free backlighting and blue light filter minimizes eye fatigue
  • Full multi-media connectivity with embedded DisplayPort 1. 2 and Dual HDMI 1. 4 inputs
  • Industry leading 3 years with rapid replacement
  • 27-inch moderate size display monitor

  • Widescreen QHD quality display

  • The beautiful and ultra-slim body design

  • Certified monitor for eye care

  • Dual speakers with mini subwoofer

  • Stand with tilt-only adjustment


6. Samsung U28E590D

best monitors for eye strain


Samsung U28E590D monitor is not only big but it is also very higher in display quality. The display quality of this monitor is Ultra-HD which is also called 4k display while the size of this UHD monitor is 28-inch which is enough for all kinds of working including graphics and automation.

Due to its big size and 4k display, it is ideal for entertaining. You can use this monitor for watching movies and playing games along with other office work.  All the features and powers which are required for multitasking are available on this monitor.

For a brighter and sharper display of images, the screen of the monitor must remain perfect in all aspects. Due to this reason, AMD FreeSync is the companion of this monitor to deliver a stunning display without any screen tearing by synchronizing the screen refresh rate of the monitor with the refresh rate of the display adapter.

Due to its 4k display, billions of colors are produced by this monitor due to which, content display of the screen of this monitor feels more realistic and near to daily life. Multitasking is also very easy on this monitor because of PIP (Picture- In- Picture).

  • With stunning Ultra HD picture quality, PC viewing, gaming and more come alive with incredible lifelike detail
  • AMD FreeSync and 1ms response time minimizes input latency and dramatically reduces image tearing and stutter during gaming
  • An incredible 1 billion colors delivers detailed, natural looking, and extremely realistic images; Connect multiple Ultra HD devices, like PCs and gaming consoles via two HDMI 2.0 inputs as well as one Display Port input
  • Watch your favorite movie or video in one window while simultaneously working on a spreadsheet with Picture in Picture (PIP) 2.0 technology
  • Pixel pitch is 0.006 horizontal x 0.006 vertical in inches; Minimum brightness is 310 cd per m2; Tilting the product excessively may cause it to fall and result in personal injury; Vesa mounting interface for use with specialty arm mounting hardware is 3 x 3 inches
  • OS Compatibility : Windows, Mac
  • Super quality Ultra HD 4k display

  • Monitor with AMD FreeSync compatibility

  • Very responsive with 1ms response time

  • Split Screen feature with Picture-in-Picture

  • Reader mode with low blue tight for eyes

  • No built-in speakers


7. LG32MA70HY-P

best computer monitors for eye strain


If you are in search of the best professional monitor then LG32MA70HY-P is your final choice. Like any other professional monitor, the size of this monitor is 32-inch which is a big size and can be used by any professional.  The type of panel is IPS which is also necessary for accurate and wider viewing angels on this big size monitor.

The display of this monitor is Full-HD which gives a clear and wider display with full details. The aspect ratio of this monitor is 16:9 which provides the maximum screen area for display while the screen resolution of this monitor is 1920x1080P.

For a variety of tasks, you can optimize your viewing preferences and it is easily possible with on-screen controls. You can change preset display options very quickly and easily with the help of these On-Screen controls. Multiple displays can be viewed simultaneously on the screen of this monitor with the help of the Split Screen feature. Up to four programs can be displayed at once on the screen of this monitor.

The maximum possible Split Screen configurations can be 14 while the PIP feature is also part of this monitor. For readers, a special “Reader Mode” is also available on this monitor which is a blessing for readers. Along this all, wall mounting of this monitor is also available which is also VESA compatible.

  • 32 inch full HD IPS monitor. Windows 10 compatible
  • Inputs: Display port, HDMI, d-sub
  • On-Screen control of monitor settings.With Stand (WxHxD)(inches) 28.6 x 19.4 x 8.1. Without stand (WxHxD)(inches) 28.6 x 16.9 x 3.7
  • Screen Split 2.0 for multi-tasking. Video input - Signal input-15 pin D-SUB connector,HDMI connector. Input form-RGB Analog (0.7 Vp-p/ 75 ohm), Digit
  • Vesa-compatible for wall mounting. VESA Size (inches): 7.9 x 3.9
  • Full HD large size monitor of 32-inch

  • View of dual sources on a single screen

  • Quick settings with on-screen control

  • Multiple video sources connectivity

  • VESA compatible wall mounting

  • No adaptive sync is supported



These are the monitors that are searched for you so that your eyes can remain safe from the harmful full blue light which is emitted from the screen of monitors and become the reason for eye strains for the user. Not only the blue light, but the flickering of the screen is another reason for these strains. When environmental factors are kept in mind by the company of monitor manufacturing then why not take care of user eye which can also big loss. I hope that these monitors do not affect your eyesight because these are manufactured with eye care technologies and fully fill all these measures which are required for user eye protection. Your comments are valuable to me.

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