Can a Printer print White?

Can a Printer print White? The printer can print your documents and images in various colors. We think that printing our document in white color is as easy and simple as printing in various colors.

But that is not true. Printing in white ink is very difficult. We can print in white color but we have to pay attention to the ink cartridge first by applying some tricks.

So in this article, it will be discussed in detail how white printing can be done? And what are the steps and problems we will face during that procedure?

Is White Printing possible?

Yes, the printer can print in white color but that is not pretty simple because all the printers have the basic CMYK color scheme technology. Having this color scheme, you need special methods and tricks to make your printer print white text or picture.

All printers available in the market have the 4 ink cartridges as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Though there are also some printers that have 6 ink cartridges.

As we know that most of the printing is done using white paper. Therefore, printing in white color is nothing to worry about. During the printer is printing, it combines and mixes the CMYK colors scheme to give a required printed text or images. It is done as the printer gives a numerical value to all the 4 cartridges.

In computer technologies 0 means OFF and 1 means ON. When the printer recognizes that the text is pure white, then the numerical value given to the cartridges is 0 Cyan, 0 Magenta, 0 Yellow, and 0 Black. So the pure white coloring text on the photo will be “Blank/Clear”.

You have to use a colored background for white printing. This way the white color seems so attractive on the colored background that gives a more vibrant and better look. Many methods are available through which white color can be produced as these are discussed below.

White Printing

Different methods to print White Color:

  • Printing Contours:

We have just settled that printing white color is basically not possible with an ordinary CMYK printer. In any case, if you need a pure white text on your paper or image, then there is a technique that can be used.

When the literature emerges from the printer, you would then be able to hand paint white in the spots that the printer left as clear because of white shading.

Printing Contours:
  • Produce a white effect:

You can make the white ink impact by picking a somewhat different shade in comparison to white. For instance, mix a small amount of yellow in white to produce an off-white kind of color.

Essentially you have to trick the printer and prevent it from regarding the white assessment as “0” or BLANK space.

In this way, as the printer will print, it will blend the CMYK inks to make the white color rather than simply skipping off and remaining away from the white zone.

Obviously, the printed photograph/picture/text won’t be unadulterated white, however on the off chance that you pick an extremely light white color, and then the differences will not be noticeable.

  •  Ink cartridge ( white):

Special types of white ink cartridges are available for desktop printers.

Printing ink is available in five shading ink cartridges that also consist of white shading.

White ink gives white shading with different hues and gives spot printing.

It implies that rather than the white content/spot being left BLANK, the ink shows up as a shading when printing. And because it’s a fact that it is a light shading, it should be layered up for the correct impact.

 Ink cartridge ( white):
  • CMYW printer:

This is something contrary to the standard CMYK shading plan. Rather than Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, this shading space contains Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and WHITE shading cartridges.

The white ink is likewise more costly and also very rare to find.

CMYW printer:

Problems while printing in white:

  • White ink wants extreme cleaning:

White color printing can be an annoying procedure, particularly when you want to clean the nozzles and other parts of the printer. Indeed, even the small amount of dilution or the hint of different hues can change the nature of your shading.

You have to clean a few printer parts to eliminate the traces, or they will change the impact of white printing.

  • Ink Mist:

White printed tasks some of the time include ink mist.

It happens particularly when the capacity temperature of the ink is lower than the detail that may expand the thickness of the ink.

If we compare white ink with other colors, it precipitates more easily. It can produce ink mist on your designs that can also change the quality and nature of your prints.

  • Needs Special care

White ink is additionally exceptional and needs more consideration and skill to deal with. It should be kept at an appropriate temperature.

Excessively low or too high temperatures can change its thickness and may cause many printing issues.

White ink can also cause issues in your printer as well.

  • Costly:

White color ink is available in the market but it is very expensive and it may also increase the cost of your printer.


Subsequently, the basic response to the inquiry ” Can a printer print white” is YES it can. Notwithstanding, a traditional printer can’t print white without a devoted white ink tank.

Rather there is a workaround that you should apply so as to deliver the pure white ink impact on your document. Printing in white can cause various problems, for certain designs, it might be basic. For these plans, you can purchase white ink cartridges.

This cartridge needs additional consideration. Try to clean your printers, nozzles, even the needle of the printer before using white ink for the best outcomes.

You additionally need to store white ink all the more cautiously. Printers can print in white however just on the off chance that you have unique misty white ink. Lamentably, it is much more costly than printing in different colors.

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