Cannot Start PS4 Connect The Dualshock 4

Is the message ‘Cannot Start PS4 connect the Dualshock 4’ appearing on your screen? When you try to start your PS4 system. I’ll look at a strange issue where your PlayStation 4 won’t start after an update in this article.

You could be all set to go online and chase down the latest monster, only to discover that your PS4 won’t turn on, or that the update was completed but your console didn’t restart.

Unfortunately, this problem indicates that your operating system has become damaged, and you will need to recover it.

Cannot start the PS4 is one of two error messages that begin with the same sentence. 

  • Connect the DualShock 4 to your computer via USB, then press the PS button.
  • Cannot start the PS4. Cannot access system storage. [CE-34335-8]

In this post, we’ll look at both difficulties and try to resolve them thoroughly so that the PS4 system can function normally again.

Cannot Start PS4 Connect The Dualshock 4

Why Cannot Start PS4 Connect The DualShock 4? 

The PS4 is unable to start owing to many issues with the hardware. Either a component of the PS4 hardware or a peripheral attached to it is broken.

In a nutshell, you must test every potential scenario before determining what is causing the mistake.

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When you get this error message, your console is considered to be in a safe mode loop. Why? Here are some probable explanations:

Update Your Firmware:

The error message appears in the majority of cases when PlayStation owners update their firmware.

Malfunctioning USB Cable Or Port:

The error might be caused by a problem with one or both of the USB cables or ports.

Why Cannot Start PS4 Connect The DualShock 4? 

Faulty Software Update:

The update was not correctly installed on your PS4 console, resulting in the problem.

Out-Of-Date Software:

If your PlayStation software has been out-of-date for a long time, this might be the source of your problem.

Faulty Software Update:

Connection Issues Of The Controller:

Your controller may be unable to connect to the console due to connection issues or internal malfunctioning.

Malfunctioning Console: 

We can’t rule out the possibility that the problem is caused by a defective console, even though it’s extremely rare.

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How To Fix The Error ‘Cannot Start PS4 Connect DualShock 4′?

The solutions for fixing the error “Cannot Start the PS4 Connect the Dualshock 4” are as follows:

Enable Safe Mode On The PS4:

Safe Mode allows you to boot up your PC with only the most important features turned on. Safe Mode menu settings may assist you in resolving difficulties and allowing your PlayStation 4 to resume regular operation.

  • Connect the USB cord to the DualShock 4 controller and hit the PS button on the controller.
  • Switch the PlayStation 4 off. Before going off, the power indicator will flicker for a few minutes.
  • Once the PlayStation 4 has been shut off, press and hold the power button.
  • Only let go of the power button after hearing two beeps: one when you originally pressed it and another seven seconds afterward
  • If all goes well, the machine will boot into Safe Mode. If you didn’t get it the first time, try again.

Reset The PS4 Controller: (Cannot Start PS4 Connect The Dualshock 4):

Check to see whether the PS4 controller is working. To do so, take these steps:

  • Connect the PS4 controller to another PS4 system if possible. Whether not, attach it to a computer and see if it is recognized. 
  • Examine the cord and USB connection for any damage.
  • If you discover that it is faulty, just replace it. Otherwise, the issue might be with the PlayStation 4 system.
  • However, before you go out and buy a new PS4 controller, attempt to reset it as the last option since failures can occasionally be caused by a driver issue, which can be fixed with a reset.
  • Connect the controller to another PS4 USB port to test whether it’s operating correctly, whether it’s a new one or one that’s been reset.

Do you still get the notice “cannot start the PS4”? Proceed to the following step.

Try To Fix The PS4’S USB Connection:

Before determining the certainty of the problem, you must do numerous tests to determine whether or not your console’s USB port is broken.

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And if the problem with your PS4 USB port is confirmed, there are no other options other than repairing it, so you may take it to a repair shop and request a replacement USB port.

  • Check for dirt and grime in the USB port. To clean it, use a toothpick or push air through the port.
  • Internal connections should be checked for any damaged or loose connections.
  • Place your device in a USB port and twist it around.

System Software Update:

  • Turn your PS4 system off.
  • Then, on the console’s rear end, press and hold the power button for a few seconds till you get two beeps.
  • With a 5 second interval, the second beep will be followed by the first beep.
  • If the message “Cannot Start PS4″ continues to show. Connect the DUALSHOCK 4” again but on a dark background this time. Use a USB cable or any other data-transmitting connection to connect your PS4 controller to the console.
  • After selecting the ‘PlayStation’ button on the console, you’ll be sent to safe mode, where you’ll see different options on the screen.
  • Choose Update System Software from the menu.
  • This will attempt to update the software on your system.

Reset The PS4 Hard Disc: (Cannot Start PS4 Connect The Dualshock 4):

Resetting the PS4 hard disc is one of the most effective fixes for this issue.

  • It has to be unscrewed and pulled out of its cage.
  • Then put it back inside.
  • Make sure everything is in order and there are no loose ends.
  • Keep in mind that you must do this with the PS4 switched off and unplugged from the power outlet.

Make Sure Your PS4 Is Clean:

Dirt or grease may have built up on or within your device, preventing it from performing correctly. As a result, cleaning your PlayStation 4 might be a useful troubleshooting tool.

To remove dirt, use a microfiber cloth, compressed air, and a cotton swab, and you may need to use a screwdriver to remove interior dirt accumulation.

Make Sure Your PS4 Is Clean:


One of the most common difficulties among PS4 users is the “Cannot start PS4. Connect the DualShock 4” error. It can be caused by a variety of factors, the majority of which are simple to address.

However, if the problem is with the PS4’s internal parts, you’ll be out of luck. Then you’ll need to hire a specialist or take it to a repair company.

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