How To Fix ‘Failed to load the native TensorFlow runtime’?

Tensorflow is an open-source artificial intelligence library, using data flow graphs to build models. It allows developers to create large-scale neural networks with many layers. Failed to load the native TensorFlow runtime, The name of Tensorflow is derived from its core framework: the tensor. All of the simulations at Tensorflow involve tensors. A tensor is an n-dimensional vector or matrix which represents all types of data. All values in a tensor hold a known (or partially known) shape of the same data type.

The data structure is an array dimension of space. It is a Python library that allows users to express arbitrary computation as a graph of data flows. TensorFlow is the best library of all since it is designed to be available to all, Tensorflow library integrates numerous APIs to be applied to deep learning architecture such as CNN or RNN on a scale.

TensorFlow is based on graph computation as it allows the developer to visualize with Tensorboard the installation of the human brain. This method is useful in testing the software. It’s called Tensorflow because the input is taken as a multi-level set, also known as tensors. You can create a kind of operations process flow (called a graph) that you want to execute at that input. The input goes in at one end, and then it flows through this various-operation system and comes out as output to the other end.

There are times when you start installation in Windows or you want to launch and use an application, it can happen that the message “Failed to load the native TensorFlow runtime” is displayed on your screen. In such a case it gets difficult to find the exact cause of the problem. However, there are numerous solutions to such problems. Below we see some of the causes of the problem along with their solutions.

How To Fix 'Failed to load the native TensorFlow runtime'?

Problems and a guide on how to resolve Failed to load the native TensorFlow runtime

TensorFlow runtime due to missing library:

Libraries are generally very important very it comes to using software’s and a missing library can cause, any errors to occur. An issue that could cause this error to occur could be a missing library. The missing library is “MSVCP140.dll”. However, there always exists a solution to the problem. To overcome this problem, you can add the library to your system by downloading the MSVCP140.dll file and save it to your system in “C:\\Windows\System32 directory”.

A reason for the missing library could be that you accidentally deleted the file and it should be present in the recycle bin as long as you did not enter “Shift + Delete”. To get it back, you can open the recycle bin on your computer and restore it after right-clicking on it. However, if the problem has not been solved, then you can update your windows. Windows update provides smooth operation of the device.

To update the Windows and fix the error you need to follow a couple of steps which include:

  • Press the Windows key and I key together
  • Then select the “Updates and security”
  • Finally, click “check for updates”

Once you are done with this, you can install al the updates and also reboot the system. Most probably the error would have gone.

Tensorflow runtime fixed by making Visual C++ Redistribution:

Another possible reason for this error can be caused by a missing Visual C++ Redistribution for visual studio 2015 installation. For this, the solution is to download Visual C++ Redistribution. This can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

These packages install the components of Visual C++ libraries on the computer and specifically for those computers that do not have Visual C++ installed in the system. These libraries are very necessary to run applications.  Then install the “vc_redist.x64.exe”. Most probably the error will no longer be there and if in case it is still there you can follow the next way to overcome it.

Software requirement may lack VC++ runtime · Issue #36588 · tensorflow/ tensorflow · GitHub

Fix Tensorflow error by version downgrade:

Another possible way to fix the error is with the help of a version downgrade. The TensorFlow version is downgraded in this solution. To do there are some steps that need to be followed out. First, enter the command “pip3 install-upgradetensorflow==1.5.0” in your console.

Doing this will replace your current version with a downgraded version, and eventually, your problem would be solved. The tensor flow is applicable in many useful areas. It is used widely in many industries and sectors. It is a course that is also used for “Google Maps” and also “Google Translators”. Moreover, projects involving artificial intelligence also use the TensorFlow library.

Fix Tensorflow error by version downgrade:


In this article, we have provided some of the causes and solutions to the problem of the TensorFlow error. We have listed three solutions to the problem. It is so that different computers have different requirements and also different solutions to those problems. So, if one of the solutions does not work in your system you can always try another one to overcome the problem. With the help of the above solutions given in simple steps most probably your issue will be resolved and you can work peacefully.

We hope this article was helpful for you and was enough to solve your problems. However, we do appreciate any inputs from your side and we would like to know your comments. Our customers are very valuable to us and we would surely like to hear from you.

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