Google Chrome Slowing Down Computer – How to fix it?

Google Chrome Slowing Down Computer? The computer is an electronic machine and is used for many useful tasks. One of the main tasks which are continuously performed on the computer includes internet surfing. Either it is PC, Laptop, Smartphone, or any devices which involved processing and storing data, that device must have an operating system and different application software which are used to perform specific tasks. That’s why computer software is mainly divided into two main categories which include System Software and Application software.

Each device must have main system software which is called as Operating System, in the case of computers, Windows, Mac OS, Linux are its examples. While, in application software, a lot of different names are present because each application software is used to perform a specific type of work. Web Browser is one example of this application software.

Web Browser – An essential application software

Many Web browsers are being used nowadays by computer users. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are some famous names of web browsers used in Windows and Mac operating systems. Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge is the built-in web browser of Windows that’s why these cannot be asked as top-rated web browsers but Google Chrome is the world’s most famous and widely used web browser which is found installed on almost every computer.

When this web browser, Chrome, is the first time installed or freshly installed on a computer, it works very fast without any problem. But gradually, the performance of this web browser is started to get slow down and at some point, due to this software our computer is also become started to get slow and at some stage it becomes completely halt due to which the user of computer feel frustration because its work is getting stop and there is no way found to deal with that situation.

The reason behind slowing down

There can be several different reasons due to which a system can become slow down due to the Chrome browser. A few of these are described below.

  • When Chrome or other browser is fresh installed, at that time no add-ons or extensions are installed in that web browser which is get installed time to time when that browser is used because these things add the new features in the browser which no-dought increase it’s working but also use the resources of the system including RAM and processing.
  • Many tabs have remained open in the background as if we keep our Gmail account login all-time in the browser Chrome or any other program which uses Chrome for execution remained executed and minimized in the system tray. All these open tabs also use system resources which can be a reason for system slow down.
  • Instead of any background tab or extension, if we currently using Chrome and opened many tabs a single browser window with many tabs also use heavy system resources and put load due to which performance of system gets slower.


System RAM Vs System Performance

The first important thing to know is the connection between RAM and System performance.  CPU is the main part of the computer which executes the programs but it gets the data from RAM for execution and returns the processed data to RAM for execution. CPU does not any part of the computer except RAM. But RAM is neither big storage nor a permanent memory that’s why programs are installed on hard disk and data is also permanently store on the hard disk but for the execution, this data gets load first in RAM from there it goes to CPU for execution.

If many programs are loaded in limited RAM where already the operating system also permanently resides and total or almost total RAM space is filled and there is no space to load more programs which are waiting for loading than the performance of the computer will get down.

A tool to identify the problem

In windows, Task Manager is a built-in utility that shows you the actual condition of your system in the terms of executed processes and performance of system resources including Processor, RAM, and Hard Disk. Such kink of utility is also available in Mac OS with the name of Activity Monitor. In windows, you can access Task manager simply by using Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys or by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting option Task Manager.

In Task Manager, there are different tabs of Processes and Performance which shows which process is using now many resources and how many processes of a program are executed while Performance tab shows you the utilization of RAM and CPU. As shown in the below pics.

Google Chrome Slowing Down Computer

Google Chrome Slowing Down Computer

Google Chrome Slowing Down Computer

If you find that, the problem is not created by Chrome or any other program but it is due to lake of required RAM than option is only one that increases the RAM according to the requirement.

How to make Chrome fast again

In the task manager, if you find that Chrome is the reason due to which performance of your system is getting slow or down then there are different options that you can adopt to fix the issue.

  • Remove all or just un-necessary extensions and add-ons because a single extension or add-on did not slow down the PC but when many of these execute simultaneously than affect.
  • Disable background services which also slow down the overall performance of computer by consuming RAM and other resources.
  • Chrome uses a database to store user profiles. Over a longer time use, this database becomes heavier which also slows down the computer. By using any available third-party software, you can clear this database from un-necessary data which can speed up the start of Chrome.
  • Adjust the experimental functions of Chrome which can make the performance of Chrome faster. These experimental functions include:
    • Fast closing of window or tab of Chrome
    • Adjust the number of raster threads
    • Discarding of tabs automatically
    • Disable parallel downloading
    • Create the new cache of Chrome on other partition or disk

Final Words

This article is a comprehensive guide to fix this issue of Chrome. By using these methods, which are described in this article, you can fix this issue by yourself and can achieve peace of mind along with perfect working.

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