How To Get Someone’s IP From Discord?

I am curious as to whether it is even possible. How can I get the IP address of a Discord user? While it is possible to get someone’s IP address while chatting on any social networking site, social engineering is required because you are not directly linked to other people on Discord. In this article, we will discuss Discord IP Grabber, Discord IP resolver, and Wireshark. And how to get someone’s IP from Discord.

Something you keep in mind before getting someone’s IP from Discord, you may get banned if caught or reported. You may not be having any good reason to doing this act, and we are not responsible for your actions. And the last thing, there is no legitimate reason to find someone’s IP address from Discord without their knowledge if anyone does this block him/her from Discord.

1. Different ways to get someone’s IP from Discord

Discord is a chat app similar to Skype, TeamSpeak, and a professional platform like Slack. While using this platform, you may start a server for free. Discord offers the advantage of having no adverts and allowing users to chat with anybody they like.

It is impossible to get someone’s IP address directly through Discord, but sadly, some individuals use malicious links in chat to deceive others into clicking on them. When a person clicks on the link it is taken to a website that may or may not be legitimate.

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Accepting friend requests from persons you know and participating in private servers with people you already know is the safest method to use Discord. This app has also grown in popularity because numerous games, such as Fortnite, use the servers to interact. Furthermore, without your permission, Discord can track the games you play.

The drawback of using Discord is that your IP address might be accessed without your permission. Below are various methods for obtaining someone’s IP through Discord:

  • Discord IP Resolver
  • Discord IP Grabber

1.1. Discord IP Resolver

A Discord IP resolver is a software that determines a user’s IP address. Wireshark cannot be used to get someone’s IP address using Discord. Furthermore, no Discord IP resolver may assist you in getting discord IP addresses from others. Do not trust any internet-based discord IP finding software.

You might think about looking up someone’s IP address for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you need to establish a secure connection between two devices or grant access to your company’s network. While keeping anonymous, you might wish to ban an IP address or blacklist a device. Maybe you would like to trace someone online to determine their actual place.

Follow these steps:

  • Download and install the Discord app.
  • To enter “develop mode” in appearance, select the settings option on the left corner after opening the app.
  • The next step is to right-click on Person in the Discord panel and copy ID.
  • Then go to the Discord IP resolver website and paste your copied ID there.
  • It will allow you to collect information about someone’s IP address from the Discord app.

1.2. Discord IP Grabber

  • Downloading and installing the Discord application is the first step.

The Discord IP grabber is a Python tool that sends the target user’s IP address, nationality, city, and other information through the Discord network. After visiting a web page using Discord’s oauth2, the Discord IP grabber grabs a user’s IP and Discord Tag. The following are the steps to follow:

  • Navigate to the Discord Developers website.
  • Select “New Application” and give it any name you wish.
  • Add your Redirect URL to OAuth2.
  • Copies the Client ID and Client Secret and paste them into the.php file.
  • Make a new file named logs.txt in the same directory.

You can ask someone for their IP address if you need it. A Google search for “What is my IP?” provides the information, allowing someone to copy and paste the address to you.

On Windows devices, use the command prompt to determine an IP address of a website. All you have to do is open the command prompt and write “ping” give space and then “the address of the website you want to trace” and press enter.

2. How to Ban someone’s IP on Discord?

If someone is misbehaving or violating the platform’s terms of service, you can block them from accessing your server. All bans in Discord are automatically IP-based. This implies that after you ban someone from your Discord server, no one with that IP address will be allowed to join. Here’s how to IP ban someone on Discord.

  • Discord can be accessed via desktop or mobile apps.
  • Sign in using your credentials to gain access to the server.
  • Click the server from the left side of the screen once you have logged in. They will be listed starting immediately below the Discord symbol at the top.
  • Find the user you wish to ban.
  • By just looking at the main panel, you should be able to see who is in the VoIP channels.
  • You will have to click on members in text chat channels to locate them.
  • To access a menu, right-click that user’s name.
  • When you click ban, a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to delete the user’s comments as well as specify the reason for the ban.
  • You will be asked to confirm your request to ban the user in a pop-up window.
  • When you click the ban button, they will no longer be able to connect to your server.


These methods make it simple to get someone’s IP from Discord. However, please be kind to the individual and do not exploit the IP for illegal purposes. It is important to keep their personal information private.

Do not use Discord to try to get someone’s IP address. On the other hand, others will not be able to determine your IP address through Discord unless you tell them. However, if you click on some links from others, your IP address may be exposed. So, do not click on links sent to you by strangers.

Use an efficient VPN service to protect your IP address. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to connect to another network securely via the internet. Your online traffic and IP address cannot be traced when you use a VPN.

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