How to put micro SD card in computer without adapter?

How to put micro SD card in computer without adapter? Many people are using SD cards for storage purposes. A memory card is a storage device that is used to store data. This data is stored permanently and the SD card is also a memory card but it is developed with the SDA standards. It is a removable card that has flash memory.

A micro SD card is the smallest card that can be bought for memory or data storage. To fit these into devices some adapters are used and mostly the micro SD cards are sold with an adapter. When the cards run out of storage then there is a need to transfer your data somewhere.

At this point mostly an adapter is used which connects to via USB to your laptop. However, at times when you do not have an adapter nearby then what will you do? This is something that needs a solution. So let’s have a look at the ways to put a micro SD card without an adapter.

How to install a Micro-SD card

The way to install the Micro-SD card is not at all difficult and be done with the help of the following steps. Insert the card in your mobile phone and a notification will pop-up telling that the USB was detected. Then tap on the Set Up button which will be on that notification. Then you will be given two options.

One will be to use the card as portable storage and the other would be to use it as internal storage. A new notification pops-up and to find out more about your files you will click on the “explore” button. Then head to “settings” and then “storage and USB”. Then you will be able o move and view your files between your phone and your SD card.

If in case you do not have a file manager then you can get support from other apps and a great app for this work is the “ES File Explorer”. You can download this app easily from the Play Store.

How to install a Micro-SD card

How to put a micro SD card without an adapter in a computer?

  • There are some steps that you need to carry out to put the card without an adapter.
  • First, you need to insert the Micro SD card into a mobile phone.
  • The mobile phone must be android in order to make the connections easy.
  • Connect the mobile phone with the help of a data cable to your computer.
  • Then you will see the connection type options pop-up in your mobile’s notification tab and from there you select the “Data Transfer” option.
  • In the next step, you open “My computer/This PC” on your computer.
  • Then open the title “removable storage device” and this mostly will appear with the name of your mobile phone model.
  • In the end, you need to double click on “Micro SD Card” and this will open your Micro SD Card on your computer.

Well, this way your issue is resolved and now you do not need an adapter to connect your Micro SD to your computer.

In case your laptop does not have an in-built Micro-SD card slot then there is another way you could use to transfer your data or files to a digital medium. For this, you need to carry out some steps that are mentioned below. What you need for these steps is just a USB cable, a mobile phone, and a laptop. First you need to put the Micro-SD card on your phone.

How to install a Micro-SD card

  • Then you need to connect your mobile phone to your laptop through the USB cable which is compatible with the phone you have.
  • Then click on your laptop you need to click on the “Phone” icon which most probably will appear in the bottom right of your phone.
  • In the end, you can identify the files you need to transfer from your Micro-SD card which is on your phone and transfer them on your laptop. In this way, you can do this without an adapter.

This process may take a little time as sometimes the data can be enormous. Micro SD cards have higher failure rates than most of the other storages. And backing up your valuable data at all times is very important. In this way, you will not lose your data and it would be secured at more than one place.

Micro-SD card reader

This is an ideal device or an accessory made for mobile phones, computers, or laptops and it provides an efficient and fast way of transferring images and other sorts of data between your card and your electronic device. It is quite small in size and gives you good control over your data. You can store data on your mobile with ease. Moreover, it can also be used as a USB flash drive if you keep your micro-SD installed on your digital device.

Micro-SD card reader


MicroSD cards can be really helpful at times however using them requires a little effort and time. Moreover, using it without an adapter has some extra steps which are not at all difficult and we have written all of the above. You can go through the steps and implement them to solve your problem. Not only this but this article also tells you about how to use a simple microSD card. We hope that this article helped you out. In case you have any kind of problem you can feel free to leave a comment. Your comments are valuable for us and we would like to hear from you.

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