How To Recycle Ink Cartridges for Cash?

The printer is one of the main components of a computer system. Although for a general user of a computer, a dedicated printer is not mandatory its need remains to persist for most of the computer users. For professional users and offices, a printer is required must.

Files or documents which are developed by in computer by using any particular software by any user are remains stored in computer memory. Whenever you required to view the data of these files, the computer is required to run and the technical name used for these files is “soft copy”. This practice is not feasible for every time use.

Similarly, analysis reports and other data is always required to present the management of companies, for which it is not possible to bring the management at the workstation to show the results or reports. Instead of this, these results are get printed on paper by using any printer which is then termed as “hard copy” and that hard copy is shown to the management. That’s why a good quality printer is required to represent the data.

Recycle Ink Cartridges for Cash

Types of Printers

There are many companies which are very famous for their printer products. Among these, HP, Canon, and Epson are the big names for the manufacturing of domestic and commercial scale printers. Printers are of many different types but mainly three types of printers are commonly used which are:

  • Impact Printer/Dot Matrix Printer
  • Bubble jet/ Inkjet Printers
  • Laserjet Printers

 Along with these types of printers, another very famous and widely used type of printers is a thermal printer. Use of printers is so common in our daily life that from purchasing anything of grocery item from the superstore to dining in the restaurant, purchasing of cloths or other from a shopping mall or even drawing cash from ATM of any bank, you got a slip or invoice which is got printer from any of these printers. Even your utility bills which every one of us received every month is also printed through any of these type printers first and then distributed.

Ink or Toner Cartridge

How To Recycle Ink Cartridges for Cash
How To Recycle Ink Cartridges for Cash

Different type of material is used in different types of printer to print the things on paper. In dot-matrix printers, and ink socked ribbon is used on which pins of printer got the strike and put a small dot on the paper that combines and forms the shape of a character. Similarly, in inkjet printers, their different colored inks are separately enclosed in small box-like structures which is collectively called its ink cartridge.

In the case of laserjet printers, also known as high-speed printers, dry powder is used instead of liquid ink. That dry powder is called printer toner which is also enclosed in a casing that is also called its toner cartridge. In the majority of printers, these ink or toner cartridges are made of plastic which can easily recycle.

Recycling of Cartridges

How To Recycle Ink Cartridges for Cash

As it is discussed earlier that cartridges of inkjet and laserjet printers are mainly made of plastic which can easily recycle. There are many benefits to recycling these cartridges.

  • Production and use of these cartridges are very huge. The number of these cartridges is very high which is not a matter of number but after usage, their volume is a big matter. Due to the very huge volume of these used cartridges, this waste occupies a lot of space on earth and becomes a big reason for landfill. That’s why recycling of these cartridges is very necessary.
  • Ink and Toner of these printer cartridges are also harmful to the environment because some toxic substances are also used for the formation of these inks. When the cartridges are got wasted and remain not useable than their ink can pollute water which becomes the source of
  • Recycling of these cartridges is also a source of money for you because these are made up of plastic which can be used for recycling and you can earn a handsome amount as well. As compare to ink cartridges, more plastic is used in Toner cartridges.

Refilling the Cartridges

A way of recycling of empty, used, or fully consumed printer cartridges are the re-use of these parts after refilling. Although it is not recommended by most manufacturer companies and they force to use these printer cartridges only once. But all over the world, these cartridges are got refilled. Mainly two cartridges are used in almost all printers which are ink and toner cartridges and both of these can refill when these become empty.

On average, these cartridges can be refilled six times after which these do not remain usable. Refilling these cartridges is not a big deal. Loose packs of ink, in the form of big bottles, are easily available even from many manufacturing companies that can be used for refilling these empty cartridges with the help of a syringe.

Similar is the case with Toner refilling. Airtight bags of toner powder are easily available in the market which is commonly used for the refilling of empty cartridges of laserjet printers. After refilling of empty ink cartridges, these can be easily sold.

Refilling the Cartridges

Selling of Cartridges

Many options are available to sell these empty ink cartridges so that these can be recycled or become useable again after refilling. Whatever the purpose of a buyer is, your empty ink cartridge can be easily sold even this facility is also available online.

Your used empty cartridge has a great value because these can be used for many purposes which can include refilling and refurbishing after which these cartridges once again become fully functional. You can surf the internet for the searching of companies which buy these cartridges and pay you for these. Hardly, searching for just a few minutes makes you able to find many different vendors with a contact number that can purchase your used and empty ink cartridges and can pay you.

Selling of Cartridges

Buyback manufacturing companies and online sites

Different printer manufacturer companies sell their ink or toner cartridges with buyback facility You can sell back your used empty ink or toner cartridges to the same company from which your was buy. Otherwise, many online sites are available which can purchase these cartridges. Their rates for buying these are also clearly mentioned on these websites. Dazz Cycle, Evolve Recycling is among these buyers.

Along with these buyback companies, a lot of other options are easily available for online selling of these used and empty ink and toner cartridges because the demand for these empty cartridges is very high. The following are some other options that can be used for selling these empty cartridges for recycling or other different purposes.

  • eBay
  • Office supply stores
  • Community recycling centers
  • Craigslist
  • Apps for buying and selling
  • Reward Programs

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