HP Envy vs HP Spectre [2022 COMPARISON]

In a technological and innovative world like today, there is a very high need for laptops for everyday use. The market is full of amazing productions of laptops with the best specifications. Out of all the top-notch companies producing laptops, a name that occurs most often is HP. HP has a lot of amazing laptops and two of their best ones are the HP envy and the HP Spectre. When it comes to choosing between them then this is an increasingly difficult job. Both laptops have strengths and weaknesses. Well, here in his article we will compare the HP Envy vs HP Spectre x360 to help you out so that you can select the one that is best for you. At the end of this article surely you will find the best laptop for your needs.

HP Envy vs HP Spectre – Differences and What To Choose

In this article, we will look out for specifications, quality, and design, battery life, and also the performance of the two laptops.

Build quality and design:

Both the laptops have an excellent build quality plus a premium design. Both of the laptops due to their shapes and body are good looking and the choice of many. But talking about the looks, the HP Spectre x360 has a better design than the HP envy. The laptop has an all-aluminum body with black color. The laptop is a high-class item and perfect for people who walk with pride. The logo has a gold finish that adds to its beauty. So, in this category, the winner is the HP Spectre.

Build quality and design:


Now we move to the most important part of the laptop that is the display of the laptop as it the window of your laptop. Both the laptops have a Full HD display. They have sharp and wide viewing angles and the sharpness of the laptop is taken to the next level by the display. The HP Spectre has a touch screen display and also is convertible. On the other hand side, HP envy has an option to choose between touchscreen and non-touchscreen. Both laptops have good glass protection. So in this category, both of them get equal points.

Display OF HP Envy vs HP Spectre


When choosing a top-notch laptop, the price can be a serious factor. Both of the laptops are competitively priced but you can customize them according to your needs. Once you decide which model is the best for you then you can decide which features you want to keep and which you don’t need to.

CPU performance:

The laptops are outclassed when it comes to CPU performance. HP envy has Intel Core i5 and Core i7 majorly. The processors in the HP Envy have high clock speeds and they also consume less power. As fat as heavy tasks and multi-tasking are concerned then the Intel processors are an amazing choice. When it comes to comparison in both then HP Spectre beats the Envy because of the presence of the latest 10th generation processors that give it an amazing speed and performance.

CPU performance: Display OF HP Envy vs HP Spectre

GPU performance:

The laptops come with the choice of Intel HD Graphics or dedicated NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Graphics. Though these graphics are not that good enough for gaming they are perfect enough for everyday home and office works. The Envy has options where you can have three graphics but the Spectre has only one option. Both the laptops provide a good video and audio quality. In this category, both score the same when it comes to GPU performance.


When it comes storage we talk about the RAM size of the laptops and this is very important if we have to use the laptop for professional needs. Moreover, the hard disk of the laptop is also very necessary. Both the laptops come with the options of an 8GB or a 16GB RAM. They have almost the same storage capacities. Also, there are a lot of options for hard disk. But in this category, the HP Spectre x360 has more options for storage and hence it beats HP envy in this category.



To type comfortably, a good and comfortable keyboard is very necessary. The keyboard of HP envy is very comfortable and the keyboards have big enough keys. The keyboard also has a backlight and has a white color. On the other hand, HP Spectre has a keyboard that is very responsive and sensitive. It has a touchpad that is more responsive and has gestures that work without any lag. The touchpad of both the laptops is almost similar however the HP Spectre has a better keyboard then the HP envy. So the winner here is the HP Spectre.



Battery life is one of the most critical features that need to be seen when choosing a laptop to satisfy all your needs. The HP envy has a battery life that lasts around 7 hours and if in case you use it too much then it lasts for up to around 6 hours. While the one with a non-touchscreen has a battery life of around 9 hours which is just amazing. The Spectre on the other hand has a battery life that can last for up to 10 hours and gives a good performance. So overall the battery life of Spectre is better than that of HP envy.

Final verdict:

Now we have compared almost every aspect of the laptop and here the question arises that which one out of the both should you go for? Weighing their features and specifications against each other it is very clear that the HP Spectre x360 is a batter choice and scores high in almost all features. It just ticks all the boxes and comes with an outstanding performance. It is the best choice for people who don’t want to compromise on performance. To sum it up, we recommend you to buy the HP Spectre x360 and surely you will not regret your decision. Your comments are very valuable for us and we would like to hear from you.

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