Is Asus A Good Brand?

Is Asus a good brand? ASUS, which originally named AsusTek, is a multinational computer manufacturer company. It is originated as well as also based in Taiwan. Asus has started its manufacturing operations in April 1989. At first, they have started the manufacturing of Computers and Laptops. But nowadays, along with computers and desktops, they are dealing in the manufacturing of notebooks, mobile phones, display monitors, multimedia projectors, and many other IT related products including servers, workstations, and tablets.

ASUS – Top Performer

AsusTek or simply as ASUS was founded by 4 hardware engineers who were colleagues and were doing a job at ACER. Now, Asus is such an experienced company in hardware engineering that Intel sends its engineering samples first of all to Asus for testing and troubleshooting, if any required. It is an acceptance of the expertise of Asus in computer hardware. This thing also indicates the placement of Asus in the world’s top manufacturers of computers and laptops.

ASUS – Top Performer

ASUS – As a group of companies

Asus made a major structural change at the organizational level and split their company mainly in three independent companies according to different kinds of manufacturing.

In these companies, ASUS is mainly focused on the computers and laptops while the other company is named as “Pegatron” which mainly deals with the mainboards of computers, laptops and other components related to the motherboards, and the third company is named as “Unihan” Corporation which deals with all kinds of computer chasses and molding to bring the all hardware in a specified form of PC or laptop.

ASUS – As a group of companies

ASUS – Hardware for Computer Display

In 2005, Asus started manufacturing display related hardware which includes acceleration cards and LCD monitors. PhysX and TLW32001were their first models in acceleration card and LCD TV respectively. Asus also remained in cooperation with Lamborghini for the development of VX laptops. Moreover, this manufacturer remains a part of other joint ventures for the development of remarkable products in the field of computer and electronics field.

ASUS Mobile Phones

Like many other computer manufacturer companies, ASUS also follows the trend and comes in the manufacturing of mobile phones along with other hardware because the smartphone, Android, Windows or IOS, are also included in handheld computers.

For this purpose, ASUS becomes the 14th member of Open Handset Alliance. For the manufacturing of Android-based smartphones, ASUS make a joint venture with Garmin in 2008 which becomes ended in 2010. During these 2 years, they produced 6 models of mobile phones.

The mobile phone series of ASUS with the name of “ZenFone” is also very famous among users in some specific areas of the world. Last year, ASUS launched the Sixth Generation of the ZenFone series. Before this latest series of smartphones, Asus v70 and Asus Fonepad series are very famous.

ASUS Mobile Phones


When we have a look at the different product lines of this company, we find that list of Asus products is very long which includes:

  • Laptops, 2-in-1 laptops, and Tablets
  • Desktop Computers and Servers
  • Computer Display Monitors
  • Mainboards, Graphics Cards, Sound Cards
  • Computer Networking Devices
  • Computer Cooling System
  • Computer Chassis, keyboard, mouse and other components

By seeing the above product lines of ASUS, we can understand that no area of Computer hardware manufacturing is beyond the access of ASUS.


Now, we start reviewing laptops that are manufactured by ASUS. First of all, we find that ASUS has a large variety of laptops in the terms of hardware specifications, high performance, specific task-related and, very important, in all price ranges which are affordable for all.

Is Asus A Good Brand

ASUS – Republic Of Gamers (ROG) series

Gamming the hottest chapter of today’s digital world. Game lovers always like these laptops which are the best in the display, high in processing and faster in storage. To completely fulfill the requirements of Gamers, ASUS has a very high performance, famous and top-rated series of laptops which is named as ROG series.

In this series, very high-end laptops are included which has the latest i9 and i7processors of the 10th generation. Display size in different models of this series is large up to 17.3 inches while remaining has a 15.6-inch screen size. The quality of these display panels is up to 4k with a refresh rate maximum of up to 240Hz. The cooling system of the ROG series is also fine quality with “liquid metal”.

The very famous models of this series include, ROG Strix G15/17, ROG Strix Scar, Scar-II, Scar -III, ROG Strix Hero, Hero-II, Hero-III, ROG Zephyrus and different models of G and GL are available for all computer game lovers which can be used any game of the world without any problem or lagging with extreme gaming experience.

ASUS – Republic Of Gamers (ROG) series

ASUS – TUF series

TUF series of laptops is another product line of ASUS gaming laptops. These laptops are also rich in hardware and high in performance but lower in price than ROG series laptops. Laptops of this series are best for middle-level gaming along with other routine work.

These laptops are equipped with Intel Core-i7 CPUs of the latest generation. Available screen size in this series is 15.6 inches and 17.3 inch which is perfect and desirable for a perfect gaming experience. The maximum refresh rate of laptops that belong to this series is 144Hz which is enough for almost all kinds of games for perfect movements of objects on the screen in real-time.

ASUS – TUF series

ASUS – Vivo Book series

Vivo Books are very popular laptops among users. This series of laptops is a general-purpose laptop that can be used for all kinds of office and casual working. Along with routine work, these machines are also suitable for small casual games. Vivo Book Pro, Vivo Book S, and Vivo Book classic are also part of this series of ASUS laptops.

These laptops are equipped with high-speed processors and plenty of RAM. The display of this series laptops is also Full HD. A variety of screen sizes is available in this series which ranges from a maximum of 17.3 inches to 11.6 inches. These are also 2-in-1 convertible and flip laptops. According to price, these are affordable for all users without disturbing their budget.

ASUS – Vivo Book series

 ASUS – Zen Book Series

Zen Book series of ASUS is specially designed for these users which need high hardware configuration at a low price. By giving this series of laptops, ASUS also take care of such kind of customers. These laptops are purely general-purpose laptops that are used for general kind of work. But these laptops are a blessing for students who can use it for all types of working in a very low budget. High-end Intel processors are also provided on these laptops for high-speed processing. Zen Book Pro, Zen Book S, Zen Book classic are also included in this series.

The size of the display screen in this series is not so big or very small. The range of screen sizes is between 15.6 inches to 13.3 inches. Display quality is also good with HD display. Even that some models also have dedicated graphics cards of NVIDIA.

In this way, these laptops are best for Graphics Designers, Editors, Students, and all other kinds of general users. The body design of these laptops is very attractive, slim, and lightweight due to which these laptops are very portable and are easy to carry along with you.

 ASUS – Zen Book Series

ASUS – Other laptops

Above are some larger series of laptops but the ASUS product line is not remained bounded to these series. Many other series of laptops are also included in the product line of ASUS laptops. Studio Book series, Chrome series, FX/FZ series, Expert Book (Premium series, Advanced series, Essential series) are also in the list of ASUS product line.

ASUS – Other Best laptops


I tried my best to provide you maximum information in this article about ASUS and its products so that you can understand the level of this computer manufacturer company along with its different products so that you can select one of the best laptop machines perfectly according to user exact need. Stay connected with me through your comments.

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