Is Lenovo a Good Brand?

Is Lenovo a Good Brand? Lenovo is a known name for computer users because this is a famous computer manufacturing company. Many computer users like Lenovo as best due to its very famous product lines especially laptops and PCs. No dought, it is easy to say that Lenovo is a good brand in the field of laptops as well as PCs.

Basically, as of many other computer manufacturer companies, Lenovo is also a China-based company that becomes a favorite multinational computer manufacturer. With all types of product lines, both in specifications and price, Lenovo is among the world’s popular computer manufacturing companies.

Lenovo as Legend Computers

In the start, Lenovo was not the name of this company but it was known as Leged Computers, based in Beijing, the capital of China. Like many other companies, Lenovo is not a very old company because it was founded in 1984 which is the time of popularity of computer systems in the new world of technology.

Lenovo offers a big range of different products that attracts all types of computer users in the term of specifications and price because these two are the basic points of consideration for computer or laptop buyers.

Is Lenovo a Good Brand?


Characteristics of Lenovo Laptops

When we talked about the considerations of a laptop buyer for buying the best laptop for their use, include good battery life, stylish and durable with good hardware configuration at a reasonable price. Lenovo manufactured laptops are perfectly fulfilled all these requirements of a particular user.

In Windows laptops, Lenovo is one of the best brands and also equally good in other operating systems like Linux. A variety of laptops is available in Lenovo laptops which are different from each other due to this reason there is a laptop available for everyone in the product line of Lenovo.

Continuous innovation

A constant innovation can be seen in the product line of Lenovo laptops. From the best-ever ThinkPad series to Legion gaming laptops, every series of laptops comes with some new idea, design, and innovation due to which Lenovo can also be called as leader of innovations in computer manufacturing.

Some computer users are curious about the latest hardware, some for keyboard and touchpad while many also take interest in screen displays and new stylish designs of machines. Whatever the requirement of the user, a perfect laptop is available in Lenovo products according to these requirements. Lenovo laptops are available with AccuType and rugged keyboards, in different body colors which attracts the attention of a user.

Essential and attractive unique designs

Lenovo is the name of new designs in laptops. It keeps continuing the production of world-famous ThinkPad laptops after IBM by giving a new look and style to these laptops. Similarly, Yoga family is a marvelous rotating-screen family of laptops that gave an entirely new look and style to these machines. This was the reason due to which other competitor companies are also started to manufacture rotating-screen laptops.

Moreover, as far as the design of laptops is concerned, another credit also goes to Lenovo which is an early foldable screen in laptops that was implemented in ThinkPad laptops of Lenovo.

ThinkPad Laptops – Lenovo’s best series

Originally, ThinkPad series of computers and laptops were owned by IBM which is later acquired by Lenovo. From that time till now, ThinkPad is on a continuous rise in the terms of advancement and sales. Instead of IBM, ThinkPad laptops become the identity of Lenovo, and currently, only a small segment of computer users knows about this truth that ThinkPad series in not belongs to Lenovo from start but IBM.

Nowadays, the ThinkPad series is a classical collection of several laptops that are perfectly business-oriented. All the features which can be required in a business laptop are available on the laptops of this series. These features include cell phone connectivity, Fingerprint scanner, and touch screen. Black matt color is the identity of these laptops from the start but now these are also available in silver color as well.

Sub-series of ThinkPad laptops are named by an alphabet at the end of the name. These sub-series include some traditional series including ThinkPad X, ThinkPad L, ThinkPad P, ThinkPad T along with some new series ThinkPad A, E, and V. Screen size in these different series ranges from 13.3  inches to 15.6 inches. Lenovo uses both Intel and AMD processors on different laptops of the ThinkPad series.

IdeaPad Laptops – Lenovo’s consumer series

In the product line of any laptop manufacturer company, mainly two main types of users are considered which are the main segments of their target customers. These two are business users and Consumer users. Consumer users are the general users which include all other types of users except businesses like students.

IdeaPad is the second most famous series of Lenovo laptops which are for consumers. These laptops are loaded with plenty of fast hardware in new, stylish, and colored casings. These are laptops are also durable like all other laptops of Lenovo. Subseries of IdeaPad laptops are also named with some numbers but these numbers are different from the ThinkPad series.

Names of IdeaPad laptops include 100, 300, 500, and 700 numbering series which indicate a different set of configuration and design. As higher as these numbers are, the quality of that laptop is also higher.

Yoga and Flex – Lenovo’s  2-in-1 series

These are the best convertible laptops that are carefully designed and manufactured by Lenovo as a pioneer of rotating-screen and hybrid laptops. These laptops also belong to ThinkPad and IdeaPad series of laptops but are separately identified due to their unique design and style. Different names of convertible, 2-in-1, and hybrid are used for these laptops because these can be used as laptops as well as tablets also.

Yoga laptops have 4 different viewing angels because these can rotate around 360 degrees due to their flexible hinges. In Yoga books, a virtual keyboard is available because their keyboard is replaced with a monochrome sketchpad. Flex laptops are also similar to Yoga as far as design is concerned but the main difference in both of these is the price in which Flex laptops are ahead from Yoga with their low prices.

Legion – Lenovo’s best Gaming laptop series

In computer or laptop manufacturing, the product line of any company is incomplete without gaming laptops because computer game lovers are a big segment of computer users. Lenovo is not behind in the manufacturing of perfect gaming laptops. Lenovo Legion series of laptops is a series of best and perfect gaming laptops. Before the Legion series, IdeaPad Y laptops were available for gaming.

Final Words

At the end of this debate, we can conclude that Lenovo laptops are not less than any other famous brands laptops both in hardware configuration and performance as well as price also. That’s why you can go for one of the best laptops of Lenovo from any available series according to your need and budget. Stay connected by commenting.

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