Lenovo ThinkPad Vs IdeaPad [2022 Guide]

Lenovo is a famous brand in laptop manufacturing. It is a Hong-Kong (China) based company which is very known among laptop users due to their famous products. Lenovo ThinkPad vs IdeaPad are the two most popular product lines of Lenovo laptops.

Lenovo ThinkPad Vs IdeaPad

Lenovo Thinkpad

The name “ThinkPad” is very historical in the field of computer manufacturing. First of all, this name was used by the world-famous and first computer company IBM (International Business Machines). ThinkPad product was originally launched in 1992 by IBM but later Lenovo purchased this product in 2005. From that time till today, ThinkPad is manufactured by Lenovo and is reached to the new levels of popularity among laptop users. ThinkPad is a business-oriented product line of Lenovo.

To understand the quality of ThinkPad laptops, it is enough that Lenovo ThinkPad is the only laptop that is used in space and is the only laptop that is approved by ISS (International Space.

Lenovo Thinkpad

Lenovo IdeaPad

IdeaPad originally belongs to Lenovo form the starting day of its manufacturing. Lenovo was started manufacturing this product line in 2008. As far as its use is concerned, after the business-line product ‘ThinkPad’ Lenovo Company gave its consumer-line product with the brand name of ‘IdeaPad’. Now it is very clear that we are going to compare two different product lines of Lenovo not only in the terms of their specifications but also in the term of their user segments.

Lenovo IdeaPad

Series of ThinkPad

Following is a glimpse of the ThinkPad series which are provided for every type of user. These all are different in hardware configurations as well as performance.

  • ThinkPad X1 series:

This is the topmost series of Lenovo ThinkPad laptops which are ultra-premium in quality and very lightweight devices.

ThinkPad X1 series:

  • ThinkPad P series:

Most powerful series of ThinkPad laptops. The performance of this series of laptops is very highest.

ThinkPad P series:

  • ThinkPad X series:

A series of durable laptops that are perfect for travelers due to their small size but high in performance.

ThinkPad X series

  • ThinkPad T series:

Perfect business series laptops with longer battery life.

ThinkPad T series

  • ThinkPad L series:

Tough business laptops with budget constraint

ThinkPad L series

  • ThinkPad E series:

Entry-level laptops for business having all traditional features

ThinkPad E series

  • ThinkPad 11e series:

A perfect series for students for the perfect education

ThinkPad 11e series

  • ThinkPad A series:

Series of laptops with AMD processors along with powerful graphics card and longer battery life

ThinkPad A series

  • ThinkPad 2-in-1 series:

A series of convertible laptops as well as tablets also. Best for freehand graphics work with a touch screen.

ThinkPad 2-in-1 series

Series of IdeaPad

Ideapad series of laptops is a collection of versatile laptops which is an ideal choice for performing daily routine computational work. These are high performing machines for beginners to get their best computer experience as well as casual gaming. Following is the list of IdeaPad series which highlights their working and functional area.

  • IdeaPad Flex series

A series of convertible laptops with touch screens and the multimode option for working in all different moods.

IdeaPad Flex series

  • IdeaPad 500 series

A full multimedia laptop series with high processing power

IdeaPad 500 series

  • IdeaPad 300 series

A standard laptop with all specifications in affordable budget

IdeaPad 300 series
  • IdeaPad 100 series

Collection of entry-level laptops at a reasonable price which is not heavier on the user’s pocket.

  • IdeaPad S series

Highly portable laptops with thin and slim body for everyday working for everyone

  • IdeaPad L series

Several best laptops having all traditional accessories feel compulsory for a traditional laptop. Moreover thanks to new 360o hinges.

  • IdeaPad D series

Another ideal series of versatile 2-in1 laptops with detachable keyboard

  • IdeaPad C series

High specifications of the hardware and very long battery life, in a very affordable price

Body and Design

The design of ThinkPad laptops is simple but very attractive. Laptops of this series are mostly in black color body but it is not any fixed color. Some silver-grey laptops are also available in this series. Chassis of ThinkPad laptops are mostly metallic including magnesium and titanium but stiff plastic is also used for making the casing of this laptop.

As far as the design and body of IdeaPad are concerned, it is not much durable like ThinkPad but is not less in quality in comparison to the same range laptops of other companies. Body of low priced IdeaPad laptop is made of plastic while high-end laptops have a metallic casing.


When we use the term performance for a laptop its means we are talking about the processing speed of that laptop along with installed RAM and storage type. The performance of ThinkPad is very high almost in all aspects because it is a highly-recommended business laptop. High-end laptops of ThinkPad series are loaded with latest generation CPUs of Intel family including Core-i7 and Core-i5. For AMD lovers, Ryzen processors are also part of these laptops. Installed RAM is also enough and high-speed to backup ultra-speed processors. In the case of storage, the highest speed PCIe NVMe storage is also available along with other M.2 and traditional SSD storage.

Lenovo IdeaPad is also not less in the performance in the range of consumer-laptops. These laptops also have the latest CPUs of Intel family including Core-i3, Core-i5, and even Core-i7 along with famous models of AMD processors in parallel. Installed RAM ranges from 4GB to 8GB mostly while traditional mechanical hard disks are also used as storage along with other high-speed non-mechanical card storages.


Top-rated laptops of ThinkPad series including ThinkPad P713, ThinkPad X1 Carbon, ThinkPad T480ThinkPad E590, and ThinkPad P52s along with others have different sizes of a screen display in the range of 17.3 inches to 14 inches whichever is convenient for a user according to its need. Both types of GPUs are also available in this series. If dedicate GPU is required, NVIDIA Quadro M620M is available and if the integrated type of GPU is the requirement then Intel UHD 620 is available. FHD display screens with IPS and other latest technologies are placed on the body of these laptops.

As we knew that IdeaPad is a consumer laptop series that’s why all screen sizes are available on these laptops ranging from 17.3 inches to 11.6 inches. These series include some of the best gaming laptops like IdeaPad L340. That’s why NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards are also available in this series of laptops along with integrated UHD Graphics 620. Simply, display of these laptops High Definition (HD).

Keyboard and TrackPoint

TrackPoint is part of ThinkPad laptops only and it is missing in IdeaPad machines. Keyboards with backlit and the fingerprint sensor is also available in this series.

Keyboard quality is relatively better in the IdeaPad series. Attractive and lightened keyboards are given by Lenovo in the laptops of IdeaPad series to make it more attractive for users as consumer-laptop.

Final Words

As it is got much cleared in the whole discussion that both series are for different target customers. ThinkPad is built especially for professionals and business users who need performance and largely not think about the price. On the other side, IdeaPad is the series for other kinds of users including students and other general-purpose users which needs a fully functional multimedia machine but the budget is also in their consideration. So you can go for any of these laptops according to these two very distinct categories. Stay connected with me through your comments.

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