Mac vs PC for College [2022 Guide]

Nowadays, a laptop has a pivotal role in the studies of the students. Many subjects need computer aid to clearly understand the concepts because a lot of supporting material is available in the form of digital data,Mac vs PC for College, on the inter, in the form of animations and videos, presentations, graphics, and in many other forms. That’s why not only for university students, a laptop is included in the educational need of a college student as well.

The most important, also interesting, a question arises here which is also asked by almost all of the students that which laptop is best to by either MAC or PC. Very straight forward, there is not an exact and hundred percent accurate answer to this question because both of these have their specialties as well as drawbacks also. That’s why the simple answer to this question is whichever is according to your needs is the best option among these two.

Both of these are two different architectures that’s why each of these has some advantages as well as disadvantages. For the best selection, the first thing is to determine your exact need and then selection MAC or PC whichever has most options according to your need is your final choice.

Mac vs PC for College

Operating System

When we start the comparison of these two architectures first thing which comes in front of us is their Operating System. MAC books come with their operating system which is also developed by Apple Corporation which is the name as OS X while on the PC laptops, any version of Microsoft Windows is installed. The popularity of Windows OS is much more as compared to MACOS. If we put these two different machines in front of a beginner user than a Windows-based laptop is operated more easily by that beginner user instead of the MAC book.

The main advantage of the Windows operating system is its start menu which approaches users to different installed programs very easily. While on the other hand, MACOS has some reservations. The installation of Windows OS is very easy and Wizard-based. On the other side, MACOS installation is not as simple as Windows.

Device drivers of different devices are easily available for the Windows operating system while for MACOS, it can be difficult. Similarly, the loading of new device drivers in Windows OS is an easy practice as compared to driver installation in macOS. It is mainly because of the popularity and higher use of Windows OS. So, it is the first advantage of PC over MAC for the college student.

Operating System

Application Software

A big range of application software is available for PC’s while this number is very limited in the case of Apple MAC. It is another big advantage in the favor of PC laptops as compared to MAC. A user remains in the need of different business applications to perform its routine work like Word processing, Graphics, and Video Editing, Sound related software, etc. As a college student, different application programs are required in every new semester. Availability, installation, and use of these different application software is very easy on PCs.

While on the other hand, on the MAC platform, the development of different application software is very less. At the same time, there are many restrictions by MACOS for different application software. That’s why, due to this, a common user gets very much annoyed, and especially when a user is a college student then this practice is very difficult as compared to professional-level users. It is another big advantage of PC laptops in the comparison of the MAC machine.

Gaming Experience

The laptop user is not always remained busy in its routine work but in free times, the user also uses its machine for some entertainment like watching movies and playing games. PC user is again lucky in this option also because most of the games are designed for PC laptop architecture as like of much other application software.

A simple PC laptop user can play all kinds of games without any problem according to its hardware specifications. Moreover, whenever, these users desired to play some other games for which some extra hardware is required to install then it is also very easy because the hardware of the PC laptop is easily upgradeable.

On the other hand, in MAC laptops, MAC users are required to install some other specific software like “Bootcamp” to install again Windows on their MAC machines for playing these games. In case, if the hardware is required to upgrade for some game then it is not possible on MAC notebook or iMAC because their hardware is not upgradable. No dought, it is also a value-adding difference for PC in comparison to MAC.

Gaming Experience

Data Protection

Data protection is another important consideration in the digital world where every device is get connected in a common network known as the Internet. This feature is mainly most important for business persons and professionals. It is also necessary for students but significantly in business.

MAC machines are much protected as compared to PCs because most of the threats, viruses, and malware are developed for the Windows operating system which becomes the reason for intrusion, data theft, and unauthorized access. There are very few threats that are developed for MACOS. In this way, data is more secured in MAC machines rather than on PC laptops. In the case of college students, this feature is required for some extant but cannot include in basic needs.

Data Protection


One of the most important considerations for a college student is the price of the machine when he or she went to buy a laptop. In price comparison, a straightforward statement is enough that Apple Corporation not offer low price devices. These machines are also known as luxurious that’s why prices of these are also high which can be un-affordable for a college student. Comparatively, PC laptop prices are low except for some of the specific types of laptops. Due to this, for a college student, PC laptops are more acceptable.

Final Words

At the end of this debate, we conclude that PC laptops are considered best for college students because of many advantages.

While MAC books are very attractive and portable but are of specific in their working. Due to this, MAC machines are more attractive for businesses and other professionals instead of college students.

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