Razer Deathadder Elite vs Chroma [2023 Review]

The Razer Deathadder Elite is considered one of the best gaming mice and is Razer’s top-selling device. To play a smooth game a good and reliable mouse is required as you don’t want to miss any shot. Now the problem comes when you start looking out for the best mice to satisfy your gaming needs. However, someone well-known with games would surely go with Razer’s Deathadder but the question here arises which version should one choose? Razer DeathAdder elite and chroma, Choosing a mouse perfect for all your needs is a pretty subjective process and a tough decision to make when there is a variety of amazing products out on the market.

Differentiate between the Razer DeathAdder Elite and Chroma

Well, this article is going to help you differentiate between the Razer DeathAdder elite and chroma. Without wasting any further time let’s analyze their specifications.


The sensor of a mouse is, without doubt, the most important part when it comes to choosing a laptop. The Deathadder elite allows up to 16,000 DPI and a 99.4% resolution. On the other hand, DeathAdder chroma supports up to 10,000 DPI. So, in this category, the winner is for the sure elite.


The reason that the DeathAdder series is so famous and the choice of many is due to its unique and amazing shape. You can use the mouse in any style and it supports palm and claw grip both. Below the side buttons, there are also grooves for your thumb which is great support for palm grip users.

The dimensions of the mice are almost the same and they also measure approximately the same.

Length: 11cm

Height: 4.2 cm

Weight: 98g

These mice due to their perfect size and weight are good for people with large hands. So, in this category, both stands on the same page as almost both are equal in terms of their dimensions and weight.


When we compare the design and look wise both of them are almost similar. Their light design makes them the best option for easier handling. However, the scroll when on the death adder elite is a newer texture design. One of the other features that make the elite ahead of chrome in this category is the better positioning of the pads on the bottom of the mouse.


The switches on the elite are said to have a greater period than those on chroma. There are some problems with the chroma regarding the durability of its switches.

The elite has side buttons that are more tactile and also more responsive. The buttons present on the chroma are said to wobble a little whereas this is no problem for the elite.

Moreover, the DPI buttons are on top of the elite and thus it makes it easier for you to change the DPI settings. The scroll wheel on the elite has a facelift and also small dimples that help in the grip. In this category, the winner is the elite.

Bottom of the mouse:

Many people don’t look much at the bottom of the mouse however it is important if you want to play a smooth game and enjoy each movement. The Teflon pads are one of the most important parts to consider when looking for a mouse that is perfect in all aspects.

The chroma mouse has a total of 3 pads out of which 2 small are present at the front and a larger one is present at the back. The elite on the other side also has 3 pads but the difference is in their locations.

There is a wide one at the front, one pad around the sensor, and the last one is located at the back. There is not much difference in this category as well however the elite mouse moves much smoother.

Synapse and MAC OS support:

For both the models, you can play without installing synapse but synapse is what takes the playing experience to a whole new level. We recommend that you install synapse as it would allow you to customize many specifications that include sensitivity, speed, and colors.

Now we talk about whether both these models support MAC OS or not. Well, both of these officially support MAC OS X 10.9-10.13.

As we can see from all of the above there are no main differences between the models but the elite does however stand ahead in the race between both. Elite being the newer model has more advanced switches and they are reported to serve over 50 million clicks each.

Switches are very important when looking for gaming mice and the more clicks the better the mouse. Newer switches are said to have less latency which is an advantage. On the other hand, the switches present in chroma have fewer noticeable clicks.

The buttons present in the DeathAdder elite are located at least 2 mm higher in location than those present in the chroma and there is more space between the buttons.

The reason behind this advancement is the presence of advanced switches. Maybe you do not notice this difference very much when using the mouse however it is the main difference.


To end it up, if in case you don’t have a gaming mouse then it would be good enough to buy the elite because of its advanced and amazing construction. The DeathAdder elite can handle more clicks and also has better sensitivity and the amount of clicks is a very important factor for gaming mice.

Both of them almost have the same price so it would be better if you go for a mouse that has more advancement in it and you will surely not regret your decision.

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