Rocket League Not Detecting Controller?

In our lives, nowadays, the computer becomes a vital part which is used for our daily routine work as well as to connect with our social network through different means. Same as it is also a source of entertainment for us which provides us amusement by watching movies and listing music. Along with all these, for entertainment, computer games are a great source.

Computer games are not less than industry because millions of people are attached to this file for designing, development, and playing. Every year, a business of million of dollars is generated from computer games. Very special hardware is developed to play these high-level games. Some world-famous games include League of Legends, Fortnite, ROBLOX, and The Sims. There are many different categories of computer games and every category has a number of popular games.

What is Rocket League?

Like many other computer games, first of all, the Rocket League is also a very famous computer game. It is a vehicular soccer computer game in which different vehicles are used to through the ball in the goal post of the opponent. Single-player and multiplayer moods are available in Rocket League. In multiplayer mode, s game can be played between two teams having eight members in each team. Rocket League is available to play online or it can also install on the local machine.

This is a soccer-playing computer game by using rocket-powered cars. This powerful game was first released in 2015 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. Later, its other versions for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch were also released by Psyonix, the mother company of this game. Versions of this game are not only available for Windows but also for MAC and Linux as well.

Rocket League

How to play Computer Games?

In a normal way, most computer games are played by using a keyboard and mouse. For this purpose, special customized keyboards and mouse are also available in the market. These keyboards are mouse has extra buttons to perform special operations during the gameplay. In the case of tournaments and leagues, the user feels much comfort in playing games by using a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse.

What is Controller and why use it for gaming?

A controller is an input device which is used to input different command when playing computer games. It is a fact that custom-designed hardware gives much better performance than general use multipurpose hardware and the same is the case with the controller in playing games. Keyboard, even with special zone keys of “W, A, S, and D” gives you the limited option of movement in different angels while playing games.

The game controller gives you a broad spectrum of movements at different angels even at the 15o also which is never possible if you use a keyboard for playing Rocket League. Other than movements, many more different options are available for playing games with a controller and it is possible at that time when you get fully familiar and use to with controller instead of a keyboard. The game controllers can be in many different forms which include:

  • Joypad
  • Joystick
  • Paddle
  • Trackball
  • Steering Wheel
  • Throttle Quadrant
  • Light Gun

Rocket League issues with Game Controller

No dought, playing the Rocket League by using the controller will be an unmatchable experience for these users who played this game only by using a keyboard. All these moves and controls of this game are possible by using a controller that felt a dream while using the keyboard.

At the same time, when a new user started to use a game controller with Rocket League, it can be disturbing due to some wrong configuration but it does not mean that we skip the use of a controller with Rocket League due to these minor settings which a layman user can easily configure.

If you also face this problem like many other users, then no problem, following are the different steps through which you can set these required options and can enjoy controller with Rocket League without any problem and can get your extreme gaming experience.

Rocket League issues with Game Controller

Steam Platform for Rocket League

Mainly, the Steam platform is used by the majority of users for playing Rocket League. The controller detection problem occurs with the configuration of steam which provides the base for all hardware settings used by the Rocket League.

The following are different reasons due to which Steam did not recognize the controller or even the operating system of the computer is also not getting to detect that controller.

Steam Platform for Rocket League

Incorrect controller settings in Steam

The first and very common problem can be the wrong configuration in the controller options menu of Steam. Mostly, this wrong setting belongs to “adjusting big picture” settings which are big picture mode ends up forcing the controller off. This issue can be fixed by changing the Steam Input-Per-Game settings to “off”. As shown in the pics below.

Rocket League Not Detecting Controller

After doing these settings, go to “Controller Configuration” and apply all the options which are according to your settings. See the below images.

Rocket League Not Detecting Controller
Rocket League Not Detecting Controller

Wrong Driver of Controller

Another big reason for not detecting the game controller can be its wrong driver which is installed on your computer or laptop. It is important to mention here that a device driver for every operating system is different for the same device. To solve this, in windows, the Device Manager tool can be used to verify the controller driver, and if it is wrong than can be also changed from the same.

Wrong configuration of controller firmware

If the controller is very old or is manufactured by some unknown company than it can be the reason for non-detection because the firmware of such controllers is got obsolete due to which that is not recognizable by the new technology operating system due to which controller is not get detected. The ultimate solution, for this reason, is changing the controller with some new and better company controller.

Wrong game settings for Rocket League

In the settings of the Rocket League game, Input device settings must be correct to accept the Steam Input device as Rocket League Input device. This setting can be verified or correct by changing the option “Use Steam Input” option in the Controls Menu of game settings

Wrong game settings for Rocket League

USB port problem

If you are using some headphones which are get connected with your PC or laptop through USB port then it can also the reason for the problem because the game controller is also attached with a machine with a USB port. These settings can be conflict due to any reason and the controller is not get recognized by the operating system of the computer or laptop. If this is the issue than the solution is very simple, unplug USB headphones and again attach the controller with the machine.

USB port problem

Final Words

There can be any other reason also due to which the controller is not get detected by the Rocket League game. These reasons were very common in the majority of cases due to which users got suffered from this problem. By using these settings, most probably you can correct this common problem without going to market for repair or settings. Keep commenting about my work which is just for your ease.

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