What Does MIP 67 Error Mean On Android?

If you are trying to find out what does MIP 67 Error mean on Android? and How to Fix It? You’ll get the answer to your question in this article. Here, we’ll discuss in detail the error MIP 67, the factors that are responsible for it, and how can you get rid of it. 

This error occurs mostly in outdated Android phones and laptops. It is not only restricted to older smartphones, it may happen to newer phones as well. The error MIP 67 refrains smartphones from connecting to the internet. 

MIP 67 Error

What Does MIP 67 Error Mean On Android? How to Fix It?

It is the network authentication error that pops up when your smartphone can’t register with PDSN (Packet Data Serving Node).

PSDN is the mobile carrier network’s major component. In simple words, this error appears when a smartphone is not able to access mobile data. In such a situation, you can only use the internet by connecting to wifi. 

There are multiple reasons that may cause this error such as configuration problems, incorrect provisioning, and software and hardware issues.

This error will pop up every 5-20 seconds which is quite irritating when you are trying to get connected with the mobile data. It can happen when you use your phone number or older sim card for activating a new device.

Another reason for the MIP 67 error is that may your sim card shows “no service” when you are on the mobile data. But often it occurs even when the mobile data is turned off.

There are many other reasons for this error which we’ll explore in the following sections. Let’s talk about the different methods to fix this problem. 

Causes Of MIP 67 Error:

There is not just a single reason responsible for the MIP 67 error but various factors cause it to happen. Here, we’ll put a glance at some of the MIP 67 error’s causes.  

Incorrect Provisioning:

Incorrect provisioning is basically the term used for the issue when the mobile carrier network is not authenticating the users’ device on its server. That’s what blocks you to access the services of mobile data. Eventually, the MIP 67 error pops up to alert the customer. 

Registering with Old SIM:

The MIP 67 error can also be detected if a new device is registered with your older mobile number and SIM card.

You’ll receive this error because the SIM number and ESN are not matching the numbers that have been registered on your servers by the mobile carrier. 

Having No Cellular Service:

The error MIP 67 pop-up when your SIM card has no access to the cellular services of the mobile network. In that situation, you have to face that issue.

Not Paying Bills:

If you haven’t paid the bill on time and try to use mobile data, you may come across this error. The mobile networks cut off the 3G/LTE network when the customers don’t pay bills on time.  

Custom ROM:

Your Android phone can show this error when you don’t use Stock ROM and prefer Kernel or Custom ROM.  

Ways to Fix MIP 67 Error:

For fixing the MIP 67 Error, you can follow any of the below-given remedies. If one procedure doesn’t work, go for another one to get rid of this error. Now we’ll discuss all the procedures one by one. 

1- Turn Off and On Again Your Mobile Data:   

If you turn off the mobile data, that step will completely stop the MIP 67 error to pop up. It will not bother you until you don’t check for the cellular services.

But the point is to solve the problem, not just to stop it for a while. After turning off the mobile data, wait for a few seconds and turn it on again. It may solve the issue but if the error appears again, remove the SIM card and reinsert it.    

2-  Restart Your Android Device:

Most of the time only restarting your Android devices solve lots of problems. So, you can try this procedure here also. It is not a time taking method that will waste your precious time and effort.

Within a minute or more, you can restart your device and witness that the problem is no more. Many Android devices restart by just pressing the power off button for a while and clicking the restart option.

Hopefully, when the device will turn on, the pop-up will not appear again and you can enjoy faster access to every cellular service.

3- Update PRL:

The Preferred Roaming List (PRL) is the file that is stored on the CDMA devices. The information which is required during the process of acquisition is available there.

For receiving outstanding services, it is better to update the PRL occasionally. By updating from time to time, you can fix this MIP 67 easily. 

If you want to update PRL, it is essential to check out that you are connected to WiFi.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Come down to the end of the page, where you’ll find a Software update, click it. 
  • Then click Update PRL.
  • When it is done, click ok.  

You can update PRL through the following procedure also. 

  • Make a call to *228.   
  • Then, choose 2 for updating your device’s PRL.

After a few moments, you’ll receive a confirmation message that your PRL is being updated. 

4- Change Mobile Station ID:

By using the wrong Mobile Station ID (MSID) which is also known as MIN, you may come across this error. Because MSID can stop your device from accessing the cellular services, ultimately, it triggers a MIP 67 error.

Just contact your service provider’s customer support and get your MSID from them. When you obtain the MSID, follow the given steps. 

  • Dial ##847446# in the dial app, then click Edit. 
  • Now, enter MSID that you get from the support team.
  • As your device will reboot, the pop-up will not appear again.  


All those people who were trying to find out what MIP 67 Error means on Android? And how to fix it, would have got the answer.

By following the above procedures, you will definitely not be bothered by this error. The interesting thing is that these steps are not too lengthy or hectic. Within a few minutes, you can stop this error to appear again and again.

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