What Is com.lge.launcher3? [Complete Guide 2022]

What is com.lge.launcher3?  The default Android launcher for all LG smartphones and is used to open additional apps on your phone. You may use it to customize your home screen as well as your phone as a whole.

If you are using an LG smartphone, you may have seen an app called Com.lge.launcher3. However, you have no idea what it is doing on your device. Many individuals on the internet speculated that it was bloatware or a virus, such as what was found on Samsung mobile devices Chocoeukor. To understand the significance of com. lge.launcher3, we must first know the idea of a launcher.

People who see the term com.lge.launcher3 for the first time may be confused; if you are one of them, you are undoubtedly curious as to what it means and where it is used.

In this article, we will try to clarify what does Com.lge.launcher3 means, What Is com.lge.launcher3 used for, and how to restore default launcher on your Android phone.

What Is com. lge.launcher3?

1. What Is com. lge.launcher3?

The launcher allows you to personalize, edit, and configure your Android device’s home screen. There are several Launchers to choose from, so you may pick anyone you like. Each Launcher has its own set of beautiful graphics and functions, so you only need to choose your favorite.

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You can select to install Launchers if you want to modify the design of your mobile device’s home screen. But you need also be aware of which launchers come pre-installed on your device. By just employing the launcher, any manufacturer may have their unique appearance.

What is lge.launcher3? It is the basic launcher that leads to the establishment of numerous customized launchers. Such as Google’s Launcher and Pixel Launcher. Manufacturers frequently left the default name and symbol position while customizing the appearance and function. Com.lge.launcher3 is LG’s default launcher.

“Launcher3” was a generic term for Android’s stock launcher for both Motorola and LG. The “lge” is an abbreviation for LG Electronics, which means it came with the phone. Motorola, on the other hand, might display something like “com.motorola.launcher3.” However, if launcher3 displays on both, it most likely signifies nothing because it may be difficult or impossible to launch an LG port onto a moto.

When you access the applications list on an LG phone, the system will contain one app as Com.lge.launcher3. The message leads people to believe it is a malware warning, such as the Chocoeukor. The fact is that it contains no malicious message and is not a bearer of malware, it is simply a launcher for your LG phone.

1. What Is com. lge.launcher3?

1.1. Key Features Of com.lge.launcher3 App:

  • A-Z app list, featuring easy browsing and searching of apps on your smartphone and the Play Store.
  • App Suggestions move the app you want to the top of your A-Z list.
  • For your present location, open the Calendar in the upper right corner.
  • Enhance the app search bar so that you don’t have to start searching from the first character.

A launcher is nothing to be concerned about because different launchers provide different ways to customize home screens. On your phone, that’s all they do. If you find the built-in launcher to be stiff, you may download a substitute from the Google Play store.

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This explains why every phone needs a launcher. The launcher is in charge of allowing you to add features and enhancements to your home screen and customize your phone. As previously said, producers create their own, which is how the Com.lge.launcher3 appears.

The Com.lge.launcher3 is an LG launcher that is integrated into all LG phones. It is a default launcher created by the LG Company particularly for LG phones.

Users are concerned because com.lge.launcher3 appears to be a malicious message. The lge in the chain stands for LG electronics, which can be found on LG smartphones.

2. What is com.lge.launcher3 used for?

It is the Android launcher that comes standard with all LG phones. It allows you to personalize your home screen and your phone as a whole by changing wallpapers and themes.

Com.lge.launher3 is an important app on your phone since it serves as your launcher. The com.lge.launcher3 app opens other apps on your phone.

This app is software from LG software developers that allows you to launch other apps for phone customization, such as changing the colors, screensaver, text sizes, and other things that you may accomplish with the use of Com.lge.launcher3 app.

A launcher enhances the phone’s user interface. For example, to search for Com.lge.launcher3, you had to open a browser. You can’t launch the browser or search for anything if the icon isn’t shown! It may be hard for a regular user who has no understanding of how to navigate via phone to open the browser.

2. What is com.lge.launcher3 used for?

3. How to Restore the Default Launcher on your Android Phone?

Android is a popular operating system with definitely great features and the ability to replace the standard app launcher with third-party sources. The Play Store has many launchers. If you haven’t tried it on Android yet, it’s a lot of fun, and you can completely transform your phone.

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If you want to go back to your default launcher because you don’t like the one you just downloaded, you may do so by following the method below:

  • Open your phone’s applications and select the Settings app.
  • Swipe the All heading to choose Apps.
  • Locate and choose your existing launcher.
  • Select the Clear Defaults button at the bottom.
  • Return to the Home screen by selecting it, and you should now be able to select your native launcher.
  • Feel free to try with various launchers on your phone, and if they don’t satisfy you, return to the original launcher.


In this article, we informed you about what is com.lge.launcher3. It has been reported that people misinterpret it for a virus notice. However, this is not the case! It is not malware that may create difficulties with your phone, but rather a necessary app for running your phone.

Com.lge.launcher3 is a simple launcher app that controls how your Android device’s home screen appears and functions.

The com.lge.launcher3 app is the default launcher on most LG Android smartphones. If you wish to modify the appearance of your home screen, simply install any free or premium launcher app from Google Play Store.

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