What Is s.yimg.com? [Quick Guide] 2022

Are you trying to find out what is s.yimg.com? Can you remove it? We have got your back. In this guide, you’ll get all the information related to this apparently complex but in fact a simple problem. 

s.yimg.com is the malware that appears often when you are eager to open an email. But the “waiting for s.yimg.com” pops up which doesn’t let your browser open the email.

Along with that, it affects the performance of browsers in other manners also. Many users think that it is controlled by Yahoo, so they don’t bother about it.

But when it interrupts their work constantly then they start worrying about its existence. No need to worry about it because it is easily removable. 

You’ll find answers to all your queries that might be disturbing you when you open Yahoo mail or another browser. 

What is s.yimg.com? 

Yahoo! Inc owns and uses a domain s.yimg.com for conveying static content rapidly. s.yimg stands for static. yahoo images and is designed for loading the web pages rapidly.

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It is considered a browser hijacker that redirects the users to some specific pages. The issue with s.yimg.com is that it encourages flash objects and spam. It will be difficult to surf the internet when s.yimg.com is infecting your device.

You may be directed to third-party websites or new tabs will open automatically. So, in this regard, it is very essential to remove it from your device but you might be thinking, How? For getting the answer to this question, keep reading the article. 


Do s.yimg.com Tracks Your Data?

It is a common notion about s.yimg that it tracks the data. The Whotracks.me claims that yes, it tracks 1.8 of web traffic. But is it dangerous?

According to our thought because it is utilized for delivering various contents, so it will be focused only on that. It will not chase anyone’s personal data because its purpose of creation is something different. But people do suspect it for that reason but there is no clear evidence for such a doubt. 

Do s.yimg.com Tracks Your Data?

How does s.yimg.com affect your PC?

S.yimg.com attacks your PC and it becomes difficult for you to access the emails you are trying to read. It happens when a message “waiting for s.yimg.com” pops up and refrains the users from opening emails on renowned websites like Yahoo. 

Not only this but it causes various unwanted redirects which are really annoying. If you open your web browser, a redirect can be seen on the bottom’s left side, that’s obviously due to s.yimg.com.

That’s why it is considered a browser hijacker that can affect any web browser including Yahoo, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Bing. 

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It hinders your way to access the desired websites because the pop-ups appear “waiting for s.yimg.com”. Ultimately, it slows down the internet speed and affects the performance of your device.

Another annoying aspect of Yimg is the numerous pop-ups of different advertisements covering the screen time after time. The ads can distract you and waste a lot of your time when you keep on deleting them. 

How does s.yimg.com affect your PC?

How to Remove It?

You can remove s.yimg.com from your PC by following the given steps. 


Press the keys CTRL+ALT+DEL which will open up the Windows Task Manager. There will be a “Processes” tab next to the Applications, just click it. Find out this pop-up to end the processes associated with it. Right-click the pop-up and press the “End Process”. 

In Windows 8, go to the taskbar and right-click it, then go to the  “Task Manager”. In Task Manager Box, you’ll see the “More Details” option, give it a hit. then click “Details” to search for the adware’s processes. From there, click the “End Process” tab to stop its functioning.  


In Windows 8, go to the Start screen and click “Windows Explorer”. There you’ll find the “View” tab, open it, and tick the two options for revealing the hidden items. These options are “Hidden Items” and “File Name Extensions”. Finally, click “Ok” to complete the second step. 

In Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, for making the hidden files appear, you have to click the “Start” button, then “Control Panel”. There hit the “Appearance and Personalization” that will lead you to other windows which are “Folder Options”. Here click the “View” option and you’ll see different options available there.

Under the “Hidden Files and Folders” option, you have to click “Show Hidden Files and Folders, or Drives”. Click the OK button at the bottom of the Folder Options and you are good to go. 


In Windows 8, for deleting the unnecessary software, follow the simple steps to get your work done. First of all, press R+Win, a dialogue box will appear. Type “Control” there and hit the Enter button. The next step is to choose the option: “Uninstall a program/ Add or Remove Programs”. Simply choose the application you want to delete and press “Uninstall/Remove”.

For Windows 7 and Windows Vista, users have to click the “Start” button and then choose the “Control Panel” option. Their “Programs” option can be seen, click it and move to the link “Uninstall a Program”. Now, choose the program you are desiring to remove, right-click it, and click Uninstall. 

How to Remove s.yimg.com from Google Chrome:

The Google Chrome users should click Chrome then “Tools”. Select “Extensions” among other menu items and search for the item you want to remove. Click the trashcan icon to get rid of the unwanted item.

Final Verdict:

If you were wandering around to find out that what is s.yimg.com? Can you remove it? You might have been satisfied after reading the entire article. Yes, it seems quite irritating when you are trying to open a very essential email but a pop-up appears and stops your work. 

Follow the steps we discussed above and you’ll get rid of this annoying malware. 

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