Xbox One Turns On Then Off [FIXED 2022]

Has anyone worked out what’s causing the problem with Xbox One turns on then off? The power brick is lighted orange and instantly turns white when the Xbox is turned on straight from the console, but then shuts off. In some circumstances, the Xbox One turns on then off immediately, while in others, it goes off after a few seconds. If your console is also often going off, you may easily resolve the issue by following a few simple steps.

Keep in mind that there might be several reasons why this is happening with your console. It might be a significant hardware problem, defective cables, or some individuals have experienced this problem after updating the system.

In this article, we will discuss all of the solutions that make sure how to fix the Xbox One that turns on then off. You should try them all, maybe, one of them will resolve the problem. We will also discuss the reasons why my Xbox One turns on and then off itself.

1. Why Does My Xbox One Turn On and Then Off?

Here are the most typical causes of my Xbox One turns off right after I turn it on, or whether Xbox One turns on then off after a minute.

1. Why Does My Xbox One Turn On and Then Off?

1.1. Faulty Power Brick:

Here are two possibilities for what’s going on. It’s either the power brick or the Xbox One itself. To test, just disconnect the power cord from the back of the Xbox and disconnect it from the outlet.

Wait until the light on the power brick goes out before plugging it into an outlet rather than the backside of the Xbox One.  When you connect the power break into an outlet and the light on it turns orange, it shows the power brick is operating properly.

If it blinks or does not turn on at all, the power brick has to be changed. If your light is orange while plugged into the outlet, connect it to the back of the Xbox One.

If the light on the power brick is orange or white and the power brick is still operating properly, try turning on the Xbox One. If your Xbox One will turn on then off right away, it is typically due to a faulty power brick. Normally, if it’s the Xbox One, it won’t turn on at all.

1.2. Accidentally Spill Liquid On Xbox One:

Microsoft installed some type of Temperature Switch, and if you spill a little liquid, drink, or anything into the Xbox One, it causes this problem. If you spilled liquid on your Xbox One, it might have gone to the motherboard and ruined it. Unless you are an expert, you will not be able to repair this on your own. We recommend calling Microsoft support or visiting your local service facility to get it repaired.

1.3. Overheating Of Xbox One:

If the console overheats, it will refuse to turn on and will shut down immediately. To resolve this, simply wait a few moments and restart the console. Ensure that the fans are clean and that the vents are not blocked.

2. How to Fix Xbox One that Turns On Then Off?

As previously said, there might be several reasons for this problem; so, we attempted to cover all possible remedies. First, attempt all of the remedies; if none of them work, you must contact customer service and have your console repaired by a professional.

Try these fixes one by one to fix the Xbox One turns on then off instantly.

2.1. Reset Full System:

As I have experienced a similar problem in the past, you will need to perform a more full system reset.

  • Unplug the power brick from both the wall and the console.
  • Remove any and all USB devices that are plugged into the console – this is an important element that you are most likely overlooking.
  • Wait a few minutes before reconnecting the power brick to the console and the wall – do not connect any USB devices, including external hard drives, during this time.
  • Now restart the console, and it should boot normally; once it does, you may re-connect your USB devices.

Finally, before calling Microsoft, I tried disconnecting the USB devices before starting Windows, and Wow! It worked.

2.2. Unplug the Power Brick and Remove the USB Device:

Unplug the power brick’s power cable for at least 10 seconds. You may leave the power brick connected to the Xbox One.

Unplug the external hard drive and turn on the console. You may also try removing the USB devices and external HDDs to see if it helps.

If you are experiencing this boot issue after a software update, remove all USB devices before turning on the Xbox One; this procedure should resolve it. When the console boots normally, connect the USB devices and start to play.

2.3. Use Hair Dryer to Heat the Xbox One:

Microsoft installed some type of Temperature Switch, and if you spill a little liquid, drink, or anything into the Xbox One, it causes this problem. The Xbox One will turn on then off instantly. To resolve this issue, you take a hairdryer and blow hot air into the vents of the Xbox One.

Do it for just 3-5 minutes and make sure that the air is not too hot. You can take a pause and resume blowing the air if it becomes too hot. You may blow warm air on the heat sync and fan if you can access the power brick. This solution works when nothing else does.

2.4. Hold the Power Button for More Than 10 Seconds:

Hold the power button for 10 seconds or longer when the Xbox One is turned off. The console will be reset and put into standby mode using this procedure. Turn on the Xbox one once it’s done, and it should boot normally.

Turn on the Xbox One until it produces a whirring noise; after you hear that, hit the power button again, and it should boot normally.


Hopefully, all the problems related to the topic Xbox One Turns on then off will be solved by reading this article. Now you have a brief understanding of the reasons and solutions to this issue. If you have attempted all of the above methods, but still facing the issue it means your problem is very certainly connected to hardware that has to be repaired by a professional.

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