Xbox One Won’t Turn On, But Beeps [Fixed]

Xbox One is a renowned gaming console developed by Microsoft. Since its release, it has gone through a number of software updates but still, users often face different problems. One of the major issues people come across is the Xbox One won’t turn on, but beeps. The interesting fact is that you can solve this problem very conveniently. All you have to do is to understand this issue that what it is, what are the factors responsible for its occurrence, and how can you solve it. 

In this guide, we are discussing this beeping issue thoroughly to tell you all the possible solutions. It will be quite easy to troubleshoot this problem if you follow our steps. If one method doesn’t work, the other one may be beneficial for you. So, let’s get straight into the article without any further delay. 

What are the reasons that Xbox One won’t turn on, but beeps?

It is a great issue when someone’s console doesn’t start but keeps on beeping. That brings the question in mind that what’s the reason behind all this. Why is the Xbox one just beeping and not working? It often happens with gaming systems and consoles because of the following reasons:

  • There is something wrong with the power supply.
  • overheating.

Solving that problem is not too difficult. In this article, we are discussing all the possible solutions that will help you easily deal with this trouble. By going through the whole guide, you’ll come to know whether it’s the power supply needing to be reset or your Xbox One is heating up. 

reasons that Xbox One won’t turn on

Fixing the Xbox One That Won’t Turn on but Beeps:

Sometimes, the Xbox One won’t turn on but beeps. In such a situation, there are two possible situations. Press the power button, if the doesn’t turn on but beeps constantly, press the button again.

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If this time, Xbox one turns on, it means there is nothing to be worried about. But if the issue persists and it remains off even if you repeatedly press the power button, then the issue is severe. First of all, check the cord that is it working or not.

Unplug it and wait for 10 seconds. Plug the cord again and turn it on. In fact, the internal power supply of the Xbox One X and S  often require a reset. If the problem is still there, it means your console is overheated or clogged.

Xbox One Controller:

Sometimes the Xbox One won’t turn on but beeps because its controller is not working. Checking Xbox One controller is not that difficult. Test it through the following ways to fix the issue.

First of all, be sure that the batteries are not depleted. Replace the old two AA batteries with new ones to be confirmed that the batteries are not the culprit. If you are more satisfied with rechargeable batteries, invest in them to be saved from buying batteries over and over.

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If the batteries are working perfectly right, the cable of the controller may be causing the Xbox one to just beep but not turn on. This time, you should plug in the USB-C cable in the controller’s USB-C port and the cable’s other end in the console or PC.

If the controller is not restoring power, keep on plugging into different USB-C ports to reach the basis of the problem. If the problem is still there when you have tested different ports, it’s most probable, the USB cable is defective. Plug that cable into another device, if still, it is not responding, change the cable. 

When you are done with all that testing but the controller is not functioning, the problem lies in the controller itself. Replace it with the new one or take it to the nearby repair shop. 

Xbox One Controller:

Use the Eject Button:

The Xbox One won’t turn on but beeps often due to a very simple issue when the software of the console gets stuck. Why does it happen? Probably when you’re playing various games and changing them again and again in a few minutes, the beeping problem may occur.

Or, when you leave the console on for more than an hour, it can be the reason for not letting the Xbox One turn on but beep constantly. The solution may seem awkward to you but experts claim that this simple step can help your Xbox One to turn on without any trouble.

Press the Eject button over and over even when it is having no disk inside. No matter the game you were playing was saved in HDD or you were busy in online gaming, pressing the eject button can work well for you. 

But if it doesn’t work, keep trying other methods until you see your console turning on properly. 

Use the Eject Button:

Power Cycle:

If the previous process failed to make your Xbox One turn on, power cycle your console. Plug the cord and turn on the console. Keep pressing the power on button for 10 seconds. It will lead to a reset process.

The console will eventually turn off and the orange light of power brick will turn into white. When it becomes orange again, the power cycle will be completed. Probably this simple process solves this apparently difficult issue.

Power Cycle: OF X BOX


Overheating is one of the great issues that make the Xbox One won’t turn on but beep. There could be different reasons for overheating. Often it happens when your Xbox One is placed in a packed place where it becomes difficult for the vents to properly throw the hot air outside. So, the hot air starts revolving inside and causes overheating. 

Clean the air vents of your console regularly because dust or dirt can also stop the hot air from coming outside. If you feel the fan voice is not, as usual, there is something fishy. Then, clean the vents from both inside and outside for avoiding any serious issue onwards. 

Often The Xbox One won’t turn on but beeps when it is placed in direct sunlight. If you change its place and keep it in a cool room, it will start its work instantly.   

Along with that, the higher room temperature overheats the console. That was observed that consoles placed in the hot environment often refuse to turn on as compared to those being in a cool environment. So, turn on your AC if it is summer season or keep the ventilation process smoother. 

Overheating: OF X BOX

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